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1 Are fish tanks cruel? - Quora
If a fish is kept improperly, yes it is cruel. But if you know how to take care of a fish and give it the proper tank size, do water changes, feed them, give ...
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2 Any fish experts here? Is it cruel to keep fish in tanks?
That being said. The answer to your question is yes. People on here talking about their fish killing each other and having all of them die are ...
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3 Are Fish Tanks Cruel? - Cruelty Free Soul
The only way a fish tank can truly be considered cruel is if the owner is neglectful of their fish through lack of proper equipment and/or a poor care regimen.
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4 Are Small Fish Tanks Cruel? Fact vs Fiction & What You ...
A small fish tank can be cruel if your fish doesn't have proper space to move, and they can also be cruel if you are not maintaining high ...
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5 Is keeping a Pet Fish Cruel? - Fishkeeping Forever
Why is Overstocking a fish tank cruel? ... It makes sense to be excited when stocking your aquarium. Fish-keeping is a popular hobby. Unfortunately, this ...
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6 Ethical and Ecological Implications of Keeping Fish in Captivity
The use of toxins like cyanide to capture fish can kill or impair both target and nontarget species, while also killing coral or impairing its ability to ...
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7 Is Fishkeeping Ethical? - Medium
PETA isn't, and they make some good points. They argue that aquariums are cruel and sentence fish to unnatural lives of misery. It may be an ...
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8 Pet Fish, Home Aquarium Hobbyists, and the Cruel ...
However, small tanks are completely inadequate for these fish, and contribute to the animal cruelty, irresponsibility, immorality and mortality done to the fish ...
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9 Don't put your goldfish in a bowl, it's cruel, say experts
According to experts, keeping fish in bowls is inhuman for several reasons. Low surface to air ratio, no filters to clean the water and cramped ...
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10 Are Small Fish Tanks Cruel? Everything You Need to Know!
Can Small Tanks Ever Be Cruel? · 1. Not enough swimming space to prevent muscle atrophy · 2. Too many fish to be supported by the available space ...
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11 6 Reasons Why Aquariums Are Just as F*cked Up ... - Peta2
Mar 17, 2017 —
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12 How to Keep a Small Aquarium Without Being Cruel to the Fish
How to Keep a Small Aquarium Without Being Cruel to the Fish. Your betta is not happy in that vase. Here's what to give him instead.
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13 Is keeping fish in aquarium cruel? - Dogs and Cats
Catching a grown-up wild fish and forcing it to live in a small confined space of an aquarium may be considered an act of cruelty. A fish that ...
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14 Choosing an Aquarium - Keeping Pet Fish - RSPCA
Bigger is better when it comes to aquariums, so go for more space than the minimum required. Remember to think about how big your fish will grow. Some adult ...
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15 Is It Cruel To Keep Fish In A Tank, Bowl, Or Pond? [Ethical ...
Generally, it's not cruel to keep fish in a tank, bowl, or pond if they get good living conditions like ample space to swim, a nutritious diet, and clean water.
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16 Are fish tanks cruel? - Huliganov.TV
Are fish tanks cruel? It depends. If the fish tank is too small for the fish or the equipment in it and water changes all in combination ...
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17 Is It Cruel To Keep Goldfish In A Bowl? Find the Facts
So if it's true proper care can make a bowl a haven for goldfish, without causing harm or suffering, then goldfish bowls can't be considered as ...
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18 Is A Round Fish Tank Cruel? - Easy Care Aquariums
A stereotypical small round fish bowl, as seen in cartoons, is considered cruel. But it's the overall size, not the shape, that really determines whether a fish ...
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19 How to make sure your aquarium fish are ethical (commentary)
Instead, choose a freshwater tropical tank. If you're set on keeping a marine tank, only source fish that can either be bred in captivity or you ...
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20 The Ethics of Fishkeeping - AquariumKids
Two words: Just no. Fishbowls are extremely prone to both temperature and parameter swings due to their small sizes. Fish bowls should never be used to ...
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21 Cute But Deadly: The Truth About Fish Bowls | PetGuide
As a result, it accumulates in the bottom of the fish bowl where it will have a negative impact on water quality. If you don't change the water ...
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22 Why Glass Fish Bowls Are Bad for Your Fish - PetHelpful
6. The Shape of the Bowl Distorts the Fish's View ... The curved glass makes the fish's view distorted, stressing out the animal. Imagine if huge ...
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23 Is fish a pet animal? Is keeping fish cruel? - YouTube
Apr 18, 2020
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24 French pet care firm stops selling fish bowls - Reuters
"It is a French anachronism, that is why we decided to move. We cannot educate all our customers to explain that keeping fish in a bowl is cruel ...
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25 Are Round Aquariums Bad for Fish? - Fish + Tank
Small round aquariums, especially common fish bowls, are definitely bad for fish. The round shape reduces the surface to air ratio and the small size makes it ...
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26 Why Betta Fish Bowls Are Cruel & Why They Need a Tank!
It can be said without question that keeping a cat in a closet is abusive, cruel, and unethical. The same applies to those who confine betta fish to a bowl that ...
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27 Do fish ever get bored in fish tanks?
But whether fish actually feel bored in a way we can relate to is harder to work out. Fish-keepers sometimes see their pets 'glass surfing' – swimming ...
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28 3 Groups Of Fish That Are Cruel to Keep in Your Aquarium
Welfare Weekend: 3 Groups Of Fish That Are Cruel to Keep in Your Aquarium © · Dyed, Painted or Tattooed Fish · Jumbo or Monster Fish · 'Balloon' ...
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29 Bettas Need More Than Bowls - College of Veterinary Medicine
“Decorations for a tank should never take up too much of the tank, pushing the fish to the periphery,” Dr. Keller says. Betta fish love to swim ...
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30 Aquariums | Freedom for Animals
The vast majority of the fish, crabs, sharks, octopuses and other animals you see in aquariums in the UK will have been stolen from the wild, ...
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31 Betta Cruelty Is All Too Common. Here's How to Properly ...
If you've ever visited a pet store, you've probably noticed small jars or bowls allowing limited or no movement of the one fish inside each ...
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32 Major aquarium vendor to stop selling fish bowls
A major French aquarium vendor has announced it will stop selling the “classic” round fish bowls because they are cruel, driving fish mad ...
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33 Is it Humane to Keep Goldfish in a Bowl? - Vet Help Direct
Fish faeces and rotting food release toxic chemicals, like ammonia. In a goldfish bowl with no filter and a small surface area, ...
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34 Taking Children To An Aquarium Is A Lesson In Cruelty
Not really. Certainly, an aquarium is nothing like a bullfight: there is no deliberate cruelty involved, and a well-kept aquarium focuses on the ...
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35 Why it's time to put an end to the cult of the aquarium - Aeon
It has become a mere travesty, tacky and cruel. ... Henry Gosse was not the first person to experiment with fish in receptacles or tanks.
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36 Cruelty or conservation? Fish 'silently suffering stress' in ...
According to a new study, the vast majority of fish in aquariums are not actually threatened in the wild, reports Jane Dalton, raising questions ...
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37 The Fish Industry: Cruelty on a Massive Scale - Animal Equality
Commercial fishing is cruelty to animals on a colossal scale, killing nearly a trillion animals worldwide every year. Ships the size of football fields use ...
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38 Fish in Tanks | Companion Animals - Issues - PETA Asia
Marine experts estimate that half the affected fish die on the reef, and 40 percent of those who survive the initial poisoning die before they reach an aquarium ...
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39 Do Not Flush That Fish - The Spruce Pets
And releasing aquarium fish or other pets into the wild may be illegal, and is ... First, consider the issue of cruelty to the fish.
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40 Why Goldfish Bowls Should Be Banned - Aquariadise
An open-topped fishbowl can be dangerous for any species of aquarium fish. The goldfish could end up jumping out of the bowl, being caught by ...
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41 please stop putting your betta fish in these tiny, cruel bowls ...
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42 What is the most humane way to euthanase aquarium fish?
Aquarium fish can be safely and humanely euthanased by administering an overdose of anaesthetic dissolved in water. This method is especially ...
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43 Sea for yourself: the ethics of aquariums - GVI
But how ethical are aquariums, and are they a good place for ... like Dolphin Tale, Fish Tank Kings, Tanked, Blackfish and Free Willy.
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44 Do you ever see this hobby being viewed as cruel to animals ...
Your reefing hobby ends up killing 99.9% of the wildlife collected in your tanks. The only survivors are fish and corals that are released ( ...
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45 4 Steps to Humanely Euthanize Your Pet Fish (With Clove Oil)
Well, your fish tank is actually a pretty dangerous place. Aggressive fish can brutally injure other fish, diseases can leave your fish too sick to go on, ...
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46 5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Betta Fish
Betta Fish Don't Need a Lot of Space · Betta Aquariums Don't Need a Water Heater or Filter · Bettas Like to Live Alone · Bettas Can Survive on ...
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47 Can You Actually Keep Fish in Bowls? - PetMD
Fish Bowls Restrict Oxygen Levels ... Undersized housing is bad for fish (or any animal) in any situation. However, bowl-shaped vessels are ...
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48 22 Unusual And Creative Aquariums - Bored Panda
oh wow... what was horrible. Really, really horrible. Most of those aquariums are far too small for the fish. Eugh. Pretty - and cruel.
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49 Activists: Fish backstop at Marlins Ballpark cruel
The response from the Marlins: the fish will be fine, the aquarium is optimized for the life aquatic, and they've tested its stability, so ...
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50 Are reef tanks cruel? - General Discussion -
This incapacitated a fish's respiratory and nervous system until people can capture them. This damages and even kills coral reefs and fish, and ...
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51 Can Vegans Have Pet Fish?
Whether keeping fish in a tank is cruel or not depends very much on the size of the tank, what else the tank contains and the water quality.
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52 Are Round Fish Tanks Bad for Fish? -
If a round tank means a fishbowl then no, a betta will not like being kept in it. There just isn't enough room and in my opinion, it is just cruel to do so. A ...
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53 Fishkeeping - Wikipedia
Fishkeeping is a popular hobby, practiced by aquarists, concerned with keeping fish in a home aquarium or garden pond. There is also a piscicultural ...
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54 Yes, Your Pet Fish Can Get Depressed
If you've ever noticed your pet goldfish lurking at the bottom of his tank looking a bit glum, you might have something to worry about.
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55 The Effects of Keeping Fish in Too Small of a Tank
An aquarium that is too small for the species within can lead to early fish deaths, fighting, stress and poor water quality.
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56 Betta fish often mistreated in pet industry, evidence suggests
They wrote that bettas can become stressed from sharing a tank with fish they see as rivals, especially when they are confined and can't escape, ...
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57 Cruel Optimism / Fish Tank - Vimeo
› Jessica McGoff › Videos
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58 Aquatic life or glass prison? Aquariums are healthy, that's a myth
Fish are delicate creatures. Capturing and transplanting them from their natural environs to small sterile tanks, to indulge the passing fancy ...
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59 Cruel Fish Environment - Downtown Aquarium - Tripadvisor
Now let's talk about the poor animals kept there. All the tanks are way to small and the poor fish are so overcrowded they barely have room to ...
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60 15 Common Fish Tank Problems and How to Avoid Them
4. Adding too many fish to a new aquarium. A new aquarium is a biological clean slate. The microbes that filter water and create balance in the aquarium are ...
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61 Why Animal Rights Activists Oppose Aquariums - Treehugger
Animal cruelty statutes vary by state, and some states may offer some protection to the marine mammals, penguins, fish and other animals in aquariums.
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62 How To Humanely Euthanize Your Fish -
Carbon dioxide is naturally present in the water your fish live in anyway – it is a result of the respiration process. It can also be used as a ...
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63 Jellyfish Questions - Cubic Aquarium Systems
Q: Is it cruel or unfair to keep jellyfish in an aquarium? A: Jellyfish have no central nervous system i.e. they have no brain and are not aware of them selves ...
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64 Is It Cruel To Have Fish In A Tank. Is It Too Much Stress For ...
Is it cruel to have fish in a tank. Is it too much stress for them and they won't thrive? ... I would say that, much like with a zoo animal, it depends on the ...
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65 The Feeder Fish Debate: Are They Essential, Cruel, Or ...
The main disadvantage of using live fish as food is the risk of introducing parasites and bacteria into the aquarium. The cheap fish likely to be used as ...
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66 How To Humanely Euthanize Your Fish - ModestFish
Clove Oil · Figure out exactly how much water the container you plan to use for the fish holds. · Fill the container with enough tank water so ...
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67 15 Most Aggressive Freshwater Aquarium Fish (Pictures)
Convict cichlids; Tiger Barbs; Red-bellied piranhas; Snakeheads; Freshwater stingrays; Goldfish; Angelfish; Gouramis; Plecostomus; Rainbow Shark; Betta fish ...
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68 Here's Why Trademarked Glowing Fish Aren't Such a Bright Idea
And the havoc the exotic fish trade wreaks on tropical sea life is no ... fish–two common, but undoubtedly cruel, practices in the aquarium ...
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69 Animal Cruelty Charges Dropped Because Fish Are Not ...
The fish was malnourished, swimming in a dirty tank, and suffering from a parasitic disease when discovered by authorities in the abandoned ...
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70 Can goldfish live in a bowl? Why bowls are cruel
Goldfish bowls cannot easily accommodate a filter system, and without one, the water rapidly becomes polluted. Ammonia burns the fish's gills, ...
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71 Aquarium Fish Euthanasia | BeChewy
Stunning and decapitating fish is only humane if followed by pithing (also see below). Suffocating fish by leaving them out of water is not ...
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72 Cruel Reality Behind the Pet Trade of the Betta Fish, a Fish ...
As the Petco employee mentioned in PETA's video, expecting your betta to survive in a tiny tank is inhumane. Even though bettas are small, they ...
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73 Round goldfish bowls could be banned because they cause ...
Bigger and different shaped tanks are said to be less stressful for pet fish, Mr Clerfayt told the publication.
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74 Frightened fish? How to keep your fish tank safe from cats
An cat can play havoc with your fish tank, distressing the fish, catching your fish, or damaging or upsetting the tank if they try to jump ...
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75 Keeping Coldwater Fish In Aquariums - Maidenhead Aquatics
This poor unfortunate goldfish, living in it's unfiltered and unaerated bowl (which no doubt is far too small) is in a permanently stressed state, and ...
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76 How to Safely Care for Both Fish and Cats in the Same Home
It's also prudent to make sure the tank itself is stable, so the cat can't knock or tip it over. It should, therefore, be longer or wider than ...
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77 3 Ways to Dispose of Aquarium Fish - wikiHow
› ... › Fish › Aquariums
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78 Aquarium Trade Kills Millions Of Tropical Fish Each Year
People Are Killing Millions Of Fish Each Year Just To Stock Aquariums. "It's a revolving door of cruelty and destruction.".
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79 Animal Planet's “Tanked” Controversy - ReelRundown
The baby bottle tank was potentially cruel, and I don't want misconceptions spread about sharks in the home aquarium. You're probably right ...
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80 Low survival rate for 'Tanked' fish - Times Union
The death of the fish taps into fears raised by aquarium enthusiasts who claim that Animal Planet's "Tanked" and National Geographic's "Fishtank ...
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81 Are aquariums ethical? - Quartz
The ethics of aquariums are a slippery matter. On the one hand, aquariums provide educational opportunities. They can teach kids and adults ...
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82 Cookeville Pet Shop Owner Disputes Animal Cruelty Charge
Among some of the concerns in the officer's report were several fish tanks including an outdoor one that was listed as dirty, with algae growing ...
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83 Why hate nano tanks? - Practical Fishkeeping
There are those chaps that view fish as an organism experiencing a life, with needs to be catered for. And then there's the novelty crowd. But as I've said, ...
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84 Bad fish tanks - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community
I've never seen soo many terrible fish tanks in one place before 20 Creative and unusual Fish Tank Aquariums ... Clever but cruel.
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85 Debunking goldfish myths • SPCA New Zealand
Although goldfish are hardy fish capable of surviving in a range of conditions, a bowl is not an ideal home. Goldfish create a lot of waste, tend to be very ...
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86 Fish - Cruelty Squad Wiki - Fandom
Locations (main game) · Fountain · Fish tank next to the lounge · Backroom through the vents (behind the receptionist) · Fish: Fleshrat: $2,833; Slurper: $3,000 ...
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87 25 Aggressive Freshwater Fish for Predator Tanks (Species ...
Aggressive fish present a unique tank dynamic, something that ... positively vicious and will crowd every other fish in the tank to the ...
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88 What is the eco impact of fish keeping? - The Guardian
Keeping an aquarium (unfiltered goldfish bowls are a complete no-no as they breed disease and are cruel) filtered, heated and lit is not ...
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89 Why You Should Avoid Dyed Or Deformed Fish | Tank Facts
The process of dying fish to “enhance” their natural colors is an extremely cruel and despicable practice. Often times fish are dipped into ...
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90 Is it Cruel to Keep a Goldfish in a Bowl? - Fact City
Every fish enthusiast knows how harmful ammonia is to any fish species. Goldfish are not exempted from this. The amount of waste produced by ...
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91 The Truth Behind the Infamous Fish Tank Platform Shoes
Back in the '70s disco era, fish were briefly subjected to physical injury and death (as well as humiliation, along with really bad music) when ...
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92 Pet Owners Beware! Why Fish Bowls Are Actually Cruel for ...
The uncovered-top is a clear threat for a suicidal fish - and who wouldn't be saddened if they resided in a bowl? The fish can hop out and choke ...
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93 Dirty Tank? Let's Clean It Up! : 10 Steps - Instructables
› Living › Pets
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94 5 Pet Goldfish Disadvantages: Are Goldfish Right for You?
... goldfish and tropical fish shouldn't be kept together in the same tank. ... very bad for your fish – some folks even go so far as to call them cruel!
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95 Why Fish Bowls Are Bad For Fish - Aquatic Veterinary Services
Sorry to tell you that fish bowls are awful for fish. Fish kept as pets need more than a stagnant bowl to live happy, healthy lives. Even if ...
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96 Some Reasons Not to Use Goldfish to Cycle Your Tank
I generally don't recommend using goldfish to cycle your fish tank for many ... to be inaccurate and even cruel to animals is still so widely recommended ...
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97 Is it cruel to keep fish? and other questions 9 - Mumsnet
Smaller tanks (which are harder to keep than big ones!) need cleaning more often because the water chemistry is less stable. Are all the pretty colourful ones ...
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