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1 A Complete Guide on Video Recording Software Dxtory
After setting Dxtory video recording software, open the game or enter the screen you wish to record. Click the Minimize button. Then the ...
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2 Dxtory - Features - ExKode
Multiple Audio Sources Recording. Like game sound and a mike input, two or more audio sources can be recorded simultaneously. It is saved in an independent ...
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3 Okay, I'm confused on how to use Dxtory. : r/letsplay - Reddit
Dxtory allows you to store different recording profiles for different games in case some games have special circumstances they need to record under. I'm sure ...
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4 Best Dxtory Free Alternative to Record Videos - Aiseesoft
Step 1Download and install Screen Recorder to your PC. Then choose "Screen Recorder". Step 2Open the source you want to record. You can search on the internet ...
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5 How do I record my screen with Dxtory? -
How do I record my screen with Dxtory? After setting Dxtory video recording software, open the game or enter the screen you wish to record.
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6 Top 3 Dxtory Free Alternative to Record Videos - Blu-ray Master
Dxtory is the popular game recording software with excellent functions. It is used to record games. One shining point of this screen recorder is ...
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7 Dxtory VS Fraps – A Detailed Comparison - AceThinker
As for video output format, by default, Dxtory saves your recordings in AVI format, but you can also record in RawCap. Screenshots can be saved ...
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8 Capture Videos and Screenshots of Games with Dxtory
Once these options are chosen, you can use the hotkeys to start recording the videos of your gameplay. For example, hitting the F12 key will ...
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9 Dxtory Screen Recorder - FVC | Free Video Converter Center
Step 1: Visit the online screen recorder as a Dxtory alternative. You can click the Start Recording button to download the launcher. Install the ...
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10 Dxstory Reviews - 2022 - Slashdot
Dxtory's codec can record original pixels data as they are. A lossless video source can give you the best quality. Writing speed to storage is the first ...
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11 Download Dxtory 2.0.142 – Vessoft
Dxtory enables to adjust the video quality, choose the audio and video codecs, specify whether the voice of an announcer is recorded, select a folder to store ...
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12 12 Best Game Recording Software - Easily Capture Gameplay
Powerful Video Recording for Games - Dxtory 9. Seamless Video Recorder - Action 10. High-quality Game Capture Software - Bandicam
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13 Using dxtory to record and upload games | by Joe B - Medium
13. Get to a point that you want to record and hit Control + F12 to begin capture. Ounce you are done with the recording you wanted remember to ...
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14 Top 5 Dxtory Alternative to Record Streaming Gameplay
Dxtory has been one of the most popular screen recorder software at present. It is capable of recording gameplay videos in lossless color ...
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15 Download Dxtory for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 bit/32 bit)
Dxtory is a video and audio capture tool that lets you record media from DirectX and OpenGL applications. The software is very efficient, which allows it to ...
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16 Dxtory - Free download and software reviews
ExKode's Dxtory captures DirectX and OpenGL video data directly from surface memory for fast and lossless recording.
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17 How do I record in an MP4 file format with DXTory? - Super User
The thing you can do is to use another codec when recording. The steps are provided in the link (with pictures), but I'll write them down here anyway. ...
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18 DxTory and Overwatch - Technical Support - Blizzard Forums
The only problem ive been having in the past few months is that whenever i have dxtory, game recording software, open so i can record games, ...
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19 What is The Best Game Recording Software for Gamers - HitPaw
Click on the red button of recording icon in the upper left corner, then it will start to record your game. And you can press the pause button ...
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20 10 BEST Game Recording Software to Capture Games in 2022
Icecream Apps Game Recorder; FBX Game Recorder; FlashBack Express; Dxtory; Gamecaster; Fraps. Comparison of Top Game Capture Software. Tool ...
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21 FPS counter in dxtory recorded video? - Off Topic
Everytime I record with dxtory the video that it saves never has a fps counter on it. Is there anyway to get this into the videos? or does dxtory not have ...
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22 Top 4 Dxtory Free Alternatives to Record Game in 2022 - Tipard
1. Record gameplay smoothly in real-time display. · 2. Capture all your desktop activities in HD desktop recording mode. · 3. Continuous Windows ...
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23 The Best Dxtory Settings (Updated 2017)
Overlay settings · The overlay can contain several useful benchmarks: Video FPS, Write File FPS, and record status. · When you are not recording, ...
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24 Recording Hotline Miami (DXtory, Fraps etc.)
I've been using DXtory for most games when I want to record something and it works really well and of course a lot better than old Fraps.
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25 Dxstory Reviews and Pricing 2022 - SourceForge
The codec of Dxtory can record original pixel data as it is. You can obtain the highest quality by a lossless video source. The first bottleneck of the ...
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26 Dxtory Download for Windows: High-Speed Data Capture Tool
2) Multiple Audio Sources Recording: With Dxtory you can record multiple audio inputs. Whether you wish to record the games audio or the microphone input, ...
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27 Become a Twitch or YouTube gaming sensation ... - Evatech
Manual mode acts like traditional gameplay recorders, meaning it starts and stops recording when you tell it. In manual mode you can also customise the recorded ...
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28 [Full] 8 Ways to Record Gameplay in 1080p - Joyoshare
Step 4: If you would like to record a video, press the hotkey you set for video capture. The overlay will turn red. It signifies that you are ...
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29 Dxtory - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes, crashes, mods ...
Open Dxtory. Select Folders tab (image of an folder). Add desired folders into the list using Add folder icon and make sure folders are at ...
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30 5 Best Game Recording Software - Droplr - How-To Guides
Dxtory is recording software made for PC with a large number of customization options, making it perfect for recording gameplay.
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31 Dxtory lag while recording | Tom's Hardware Forum
Bitrate is checked by Low - High settings when using DxTory codec or actual bitrate when using x264. It's accessed via the tiny square tab to ...
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32 Teo on Twitter: "My Battleye has blocked my recording ...
My Battleye has blocked my recording program Dxtory so I can't record Fortnite. Tried a few things but not really sure how to solve this.
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33 Download Dxtory for Windows 10, 8, 7 (2021 Latest)
Dxtory allows you to record more than one audio. If you are recording gameplay and want to record your voice too while recording the game sound, then you can ...
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34 DXTORY mini fix for recording ( like fraps ) - Watch Dogs
Hi, not sure if anyone out there uses DXTORY to record there gameplay. But incase u do, some games dont work well with Dxtory. This game crashes right at ...
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35 A software "solution" to recording HDR10 via Dxtory & FFmpeg
We'll get back to FFmpeg in a bit. For now, we need footage to encode. I use Dxtory to record my gameplays. It is the closest a software ...
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36 Dxtory recording software and OBS help | Tom's Guide Forum
So I downloaded Dxtory full version. The quality was okay but I wanted better. I downloaded the Lagarith Losless codec and now when I record I only get the.
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37 [v2.0.142] Dxtory – Small, fast and lossless gameplay video ...
By default, the size of game video can be as big as 1 GB/min using the built-in decoder to record. Although it allows us to change the video ...
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38 Problem with DXTory not recording. - YouTube Forum
Do you have multiple folders selected in Dxtory for where files can save? In addition if you want some extra help Dxtory is terrible for ...
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39 8 Best Game Recording Software for Low-End PCs [100 ...
Dxtory can record games in 1080p resolution at 60 FPS. The recorded files are usually large but smaller than Fraps in comparison.
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40 2022 List | Top 7 Best Screen Recorder for Low End PC
By using Dxtory, you can record your screen and obtain the highest quality by the lossless video source. Moreover, if needed, you also can use it to take ...
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41 Suggestion - DxTory Ingame Overlay - Bandicam Forum
Hey All. Since DxTory seems to be abandoned, your Software, Bandicam, stays out of the "Recording Software Jungle".
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42 Dxtory Download (2022 Latest) - FileHorse
Dxtory is a movie capture tool only for DirectX/OpenGL application. · Dxtory can record original pixel data as it is. · Lossless Capture The codec ...
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43 Recording video - Emulation General Wiki
3rd Party Recording/Capture Software[edit] · Bandicam (must use version 1.8. · DxTory (¥3600 or regional equivalent) · Fraps · MSI Afterburner (freeware) · Open ...
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44 Download Dxtory 2.0.142 - Softpedia
Dxtory is a lightweight Windows tool able to capture movies from DirectX and OpenGL applications. It sports a clean and straightforward ...
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45 How to record your races with Dxtory | Atomic Sim Racing
How to record your races with Dxtory · Install the Lagarith codec. Just run the exe. · Install Dxtory. Just follow the prompts. · Install Handbrake ...
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46 Dxtory: App Reviews, Features, Pricing & Download
Tool to display FPS in video games, make screenshots, record videos. ... Dxtory is a movie capture tool only for DirextX/OpenGL application.
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47 Dxtory user reviews - VideoHelp
The Perfect Record PC software. This tool has a feature that you can split the file on up to 3 hds for better performance and then only in a video clip and no ...
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48 Dxtory - Download
Download Dxtory for Windows. Video capture software: Video capture application saving videos as AVI which works with gaming and other apps ...
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49 How long can OBS record for and more questions.
I really like OBS right now. I have tested fraps, DxTORY and OBS all together. fraps seemed to have a tiny bit better quality but 30 seconds ...
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50 Dxtory, Handbrake and Premiere Settings Guide
First I record with Dxtory, then convert using Handbrake, then edit with Premiere and export the file. I recommend using Photoshop to create ...
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51 How to record with Dxtory with the x264 codec. - DayZRP
Dxtory is a chinese/korean made program that basically works the same as Fraps or any other recording tool you might have used, ...
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52 Fraps Vs Bandicam Vs Msi Afterburner Vs Dxtory Vs Playclaw
Over the last couple days I've been trying out a bunch of different screen recording software. I wanted to record my BF3 games without a ...
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53 Best Video Capture Software - StreamScheme
Dxtory is a basic video recording software that doesn't require a lot of processing. While the UI is simple enough, there is a learning ...
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54 Dxtory - Download
Dxtory, free and safe download. Dxtory latest version: A Solid Movie Capture Program for OpenGL and DirectX Video Data. Dxtory is a tool to ...
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55 Recording with dxtory and fraps in rFactor | RaceDepartment
When I recorded with Fraps, I made a separate control scheme in rFactor. Generally changing the different cameras to the Function Keys (F1, F2, ...
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56 Dxtory or Fraps help with this recording stuff
Use fraps windowed and record the screen. It has some weird bugs with fullscreen. Share this post ...
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57 OBS Studio VS Dxtory - compare differences & reviews?
Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming for Mac, Windows and Linux. Dxtory logo Dxtory.
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58 Dxtory recording randomly crashing game
Whenever I try to record gameplay with Dxtory (using the h.264 codec) ... Dxtory produces no error logs and there is no recording because I ...
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59 No audio on some Dxtory recordings. - Forums
Im experimenting with recording lately and have been using Dxtory with Lagarith codec. I managed to get some recordings done for ...
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60 How to set up Dxtory for gaming recording - The Tech Game
As the title states this is how to set up Dxtory settings for the best possible gaming recording. I will focus on low file size but keep the ...
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61 [Guide] How to record gameplay with very low file sizes.
The only thing you need to know before scrolling to that point is that we are using a program called "DXTory" but a lot of this is still ...
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62 Fraps And DxTory Not Working With BF Hardline? Here Is The ...
If Fraps, DxTory or any other screen capture tool does not work correctly ... the config but it continues to only record audio, any ideas?
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63 Dxtory Settings for Low End PC || No Lag Smooth 60 Fps
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64 Dxtory lags when recording. - Java Edition Support
Hello. I restored my computer and started having very high lag when recording in minecraft with dxtory only. I can record with fraps and ...
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65 Dxtory Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8 (64 bit / 32 bit)
Dxtory assists to record audio from different sources and supports video codes of the third party. It helps to increase the speed of taking ...
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66 Best Game Recorder - Action! | Capture Games with webcam ...
Action is a must buy for professional recording. ... The best video game recorder I have ever used (and I tried a lot of video recorders, like fraps, obs, dxtory, ...
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67 Download Dxtory (Updated 2022 Version)
Screen Recording is another feature that is often not included with software recording tools. Dxtory however, offers extremely low levels of latency so even the ...
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68 Download Dxtory Free
Recording the screen, while playing a game, makes it possible to show off your skills to your friends. When running a DirextX or OpenGL ...
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69 Starting A Youtube Channel Part 2: Editing & Recording
Fraps is another popular program that people use to record their game play. I have used Fraps, but I think personally compared with DXtory ...
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70 Can Dxtory Record Warframe? - Warframe Forums
Is there any way to record Warframe with Dxtory? Or do I have to use Fraps? I use Dxtory but I can't if I run WF in 64bit mode. Disable that ...
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71 Audio quality decreases when playing a game - Audacity Forum
I don't care about the video, just about the audio. With Dxtory you can record multiple audio channels at the same time and later merge them (or ...
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72 Dxtory Recording V2 - The perfect settings thread - SDA Forum
1. Folder Settings: In this tab you will need to select the folder where your recordings will go. The best thing to do is to record on a ...
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73 How to record wow gameplay? - MMO-Champion
Something that doesn't completely wreck FPS while recording? ... wanting to record 60 FPS but the footage actually is below this, Dxtory is ...
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74 battleye is blocking dxtory recording "C:\Windows\System32 ...
Arma3 64bit has no issues while recording. Any ideas are welcome, i reinstalled Argo, Dxtory, Lagarith codec, checked the firewall rules, ...
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75 Recording Software [Transport Fever Wiki]
(2) Game may crash if Dxtory is active during loading (3) Recording in windowed mode requires “Game Capture” function (4) Causes in game rendering errors
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76 How to Record Your Video Game Action - Part Two
There are of course numerous other game recording programs and I've recently being playing with Bandicam, Dxtory, Action!, MSI Afterburner ...
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77 Game Recording Software : Mirillis Action! / D3DGear / Dxtory.
Game Recording Software : Mirillis Action! / D3DGear / Dxtory. Thread starter arc@css; Start date 4 Jul 2015.
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78 Recording Your Gameplay : 7 Steps - Instructables
Dxtory is a screen recorder which records directly from DirectX and OpenGL, so what you see in the game you see in the video. It costs 3600 jpy which is about ...
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79 Dxtory not picking up PZ (Project Zomboid)?
It appears to not even detect the Zomboid running on Dxtory, Any ideas on how to fix this?It doesn't record Project Zomboid at all >_>
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80 Best software for capturing and streaming? - Gaming
as for recording, I use fraps. I've tried dxtory, but I never can get it to record decently. the video is always stuttery, no matter what I ...
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81 Thinking about buying Fraps, for video capture...but?
Afterburner is free, and provides decent record quality with some compression. Downside is it can't detect some games (Ex. Warframe). DXtory ...
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82 Cant Record (Dxtory Stuck At "INIT") · Issue #6 - GitHub
Unfortunately when i hit start record for file output, dxtory goes orange and displays the "INIT" message, but never outputes a file.
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83 Dxtory doesn't record Bf3 audio -
Dxtory doesn't record Bf3 audio ... but I tried recording other devices too anyways and they didn't work either. I think it might be because ...
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84 [Archived] How can I record osu! with dxtory? · forum - ppy
Same way you record with fraps. Press button start recording press again and there you go. XPJ38. osu! Alumni.
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85 AMD VCE AMF encoder for Dxtory - guru3D Forums
This way performance drop is lowest, recording is api independent and overall there is much less hassle with recording. AMD gaming evolved/raptr ...
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86 Best Game Recording and Streaming Software for Windows
Speaking of simple screen recording tools, there is DXtory. The user interface is a plain-looking window that nevertheless includes all ...
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87 8 Best Game Recording Software for Windows
Open Broadcaster Software · Bandicam · D3DGear · Fraps · Action · XSplit Gamecaster · ShadowPlay · Dxtory.
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88 How to Remove Watermark from Dxtory for Free with AI ...
Hunting for a tool to get rid of Dxtory watermark efficiently? Why not try iMyFone MarkGo, a professional watermark remover that helps you ...
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89 Dxtory GamePlay Screen Recorder V2.0.142 Crack Full Version
So you can use Dxtory Free Latest Version at the time or record gameplay or screen capture of any activities on your PC. Best Dxtory setting ...
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90 Other people cannot hear me while recording with dxtory
Hello, I recently started recording my gameplay on Battlefield 3. I tried DxTory and Fraps and i also record the audio.
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91 Dxtory/FRAPS will not record Terminator - DOSBox - VOGONS
I am trying to make an LP of Terminator: Future Shock and Skynet but dxtory simply will not record. I changed the dosbox settings to opengl ...
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92 HELP with Dxtory -> recording minecraft | Hypixel
That happens with most recording software. You just have to play with it in the non-F11 fullscreen to record. Also there may be a setting to ...
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93 Dxtory 2.0.125 Download - TechSpot
Like game sound and a mike input, two or more audio sources can be recorded simultaneously. It is saved in an independent stream each to AVI ...
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94 Download Best Dxtory for Mac Alternative Screen Recorder
Click Launch to start the screen capture module and make settings before recording screen; Click Start Recording to start recording right away with the last ...
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