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1 ReCiPe 2016 v1.1 - Pre' Sustainability
A life cycle impact assessment results in an 'environmental profile': a score list with different environmental effects, such as climate change, water use, land ...
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2 ReCiPe 2016 - RIVM
Stratos. ozone depletion. Particulate matter. Freshwater eutrophication. Human toxicity (cancer). Water use. Marine ecotoxicity. Human toxicity (non-cancer).
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3 A taste of the new ReCiPe for life cycle assessment
ReCiPe 2016 includes endpoint CFs for damage to human health and ecosystems due to water consumption. The Dutch endpoint CF for water ...
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4 Flow Property Data set: ReCiPe Midpoint (H) - Water depletion ...
Name, ReCiPe Midpoint (H) - Water depletion ; Classification. Class name : Hierarchy level. GaBiCategories: Environmental quantities / Earlier versions of ...
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5 Environmental impact on water consumption - Water Matters
The Dutch ReCiPe model is a life cycle impact model used to gain insight in ... human health and raw material exhaustion, which are caused by the various ...
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6 ILCDhandbook - JRC Publications Repository
Resource depletion, water. Model for water consumption as in Swiss ... impacts makes ReCiPe the scientifically most robust endpoint method. There are three.
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7 (PDF) Recipe 2008 - ResearchGate
16. water depletion (WD). 17. mineral resource depletion (MRD). 18. fossil fuel depletion (FD). At the endpoint level, most of these midpoint impact ...
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8 SimaPro Database Manual - Methods Library
Water scarcity category is based on AWARE method and Photochemical oxidation is based on ReCiPe 2008. All those individual methods can be found in SimaPro.
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9 Developing Conversion Factors of LCIA Methods for ... - MDPI
ones are CML [3], EDIP [4], ILCD [5], ReCiPe [6], and TRACI [7]. ... Four LCIA methods provide assessment on water depletion, namely EF, ...
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10 LCIA methods - openLCA
Version 1.5.1 Acero, Rodríguez, Ciroth Some missing factors in ReCiPe 8 methods added. Only in EcoSpold and openLCA 1.4 formats. 11 November.
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11 Introduction to Water Assessment in GaBi
ReCiPe 2016. Freshwater Consumption equals blue water consumption, without scarcity factors. 3 Page 8 ...
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12 Sheet1 - Ecoinvent
208, ecological scarcity 2013 no LT, water pollutants, total, UBP ... 560, ReCiPe Endpoint (E,A) w/o LT, human health w/o LT, ozone depletion w/o LT, points.
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13 Life Cycle Impact Assessment - an overview -
... ozone depletion (O3), acid rain (SO2), respiration (PM2.5), water use, ... ILCD Recommendation, ReCiPe, Tool for the Reduction and Assessment of ...
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14 Midpoint and Endpoint Sustainability Assessment of U.S. and ...
For assessing midpoint and endpoint impacts, ReCiPe midpoint and endpoint impact assessment is used. The midpoint indicators were water depletion potential, ...
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15 Water footprint and regionalization - ORBi
ReCiPe (water depletion not regionalized) [3]. • AWARE [4]: “What is the potential to deprive another freshwater user (human or ecosystem) by cunsuming ...
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16 ReCiPe - GaBi-Software
The ReCiPe LCA methodology was created by RIVM, CML , PRé Consultants, Radboud Universiteit ... (GWP1000) and infinite time for ozone depletion (ODPInf).
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17 Life cycle assessment of most widely adopted solar ... - PubMed
More importantly, ReCiPe combines the strengths of both mid-point-based life ... natural land transformation, water depletion, metal depletion and fossil ...
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ReCiPe comprises two sets of impact categories with associated sets of ... Fresh water depletion ... ReCiPe method mid-point and end-point categories.9.
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19 Life Cycle Impact Assessment: - DiVA portal
Scarcity Method (ECO), the EPS 2000 method and ReCiPe, three popular LCIA methods, ... Emissions to air and water are most present during the fuel cycle, ...
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20 Comparative analysis of the Life Cycle Impact Assessment ...
Resource depletion - water. Contribution to the total impact. Im p a ct ca te g o rie s. Eco-indicator 99. EDIP 2003. EPS 2000. IMPACT 2002+. ReCiPe. ILCD.
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21 Environmental Performance Indicators | EPD International
Version: August 2021. Original reference. Struijs et al. 2009 as implemented in ReCiPe. Examples, emissions to fresh water 1 kg phosphorus = 1 kg P eq.
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22 Life Cycle Assessment and Water Footprint of Hydrogen ...
For water-related scope, Water scarcity footprint (WSF) quantified using ... The model ReCiPe 2016 [12] including 17 midpoint and 3 endpoint impact ...
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Figure 10: Characterization results (ReCiPe midpoint method) of three processes for a. climate change b. Fossil depletion c. ecotoxicity d. water depletion ...
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24 Ecological Indicators - NSF PAR
research illustrates water scarcity or depletion is well explored compared ... use compartment models such us USEtox and ReCiPe methods for ...
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25 An overview on Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA ...
RECIPE. Climate change, ozone depletion, terrestrial acidification , freshwater eutrophication , marine eutrophication , human toxicity,.
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26 a globally regionalized life cycle impact assessment method
ReCiPe and IMPACT 2002+, IMPACT World+ finds that (a) climate change and impacts of particulate ... water scarcity, which is well represented by the proxy-.
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27 Life cycle assessment of diesel blending production
1Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Water Security ... Water scarcity issue included in ReCiPe v1.08 under water depletion impact.
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28 On the feasibility and interest of applying territorial Life Cycle ...
For instance, using the ReCiPe European NFs to normalise LCIA results of ... land occupation (ALO), Water depletion (WD), Metal depletion.
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29 Design of the new method - CiteSeerX
Climate change and ozone layer depletion ... nutrient availability in water (aquatic eutrophication); ... use of water (depletion of water).
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30 Description of life cycle impact assessment methods
ReCiPe. Ecological footprint. Ecological scarcity. ImpactWorld+,. Midpoint. Environmental. Footprint. (PEF). Water. Footprint. Planetary.
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31 Life Cycle Assessment of Household Water Tanks—A Study of ...
ReCiPe computes the impact categories and classifies them into two classes ... Simapro addresses impact categories viz. ozone depletion, human toxicity, ...
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32 Frequently Asked Questions - The Global Feed LCA Institute
Which impact assessment method should I use (ReCiPe, EF)? ... freshwater ecotoxicity, land use, water scarcity, resource use energy carriers, resource use ...
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33 Tool for Reduction and Assessment of Chemicals and Other ...
Impact categories include: ozone depletion,; climate change,; acidification,; eutrophication,; smog formation,; human health impacts, and ...
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34 Life Cycle Assessment of Electricity Generation Options
Pressurised water reactor. Type of nuclear power technology. ReCiPe ... The last indicator in Table 3 characterises the depletion of mineral resources via ...
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35 Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Freshwater ...
Water stock exhaustion can be caused by the extraction of fossil ... in terms of monetary units, as done in LIME (19) and ReCiPe 2008 (42).
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36 Best Practice Guide for Mid‐Point Life Cycle Impact ... - AusLCI
ReCiPe. An impact assessment method developed by RIVM, CML, PRé ... The water scarcity that it can cause is a problem of international concern.
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37 Environmental impact of the cultivation of energy willow in ...
Water. 197.27. 29.60. 194.43. 20.68. 113.39. 14.54. Table 5. Characterization factors of the ReCiPe Midpoint environmental analysis in area groups.
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38 brightway-lca/bw_recipe_2016: ReCiPe 2016 LCIA ... - GitHub
ReCiPe 2016 LCIA method for Brightway. ... 'Stratospheric Ozone Depletion', 'Infinite timescale', 'Egalitarian'); ('ReCiPe 2016', 'v1.1 (20180117)', ...
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39 Lasvaux et al Correlations in Life Cycle Impact.pdf
components, e.g., the water depletion in ReCiPe. The tables of results presented in the supplementary informa-.
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40 Analysis of midpoint categories - 2.-0 LCA consultants
12B) Water resource depletion Alan Brent . ... Midpoint impact category 'ozone depletion': The impact pathway of the stratospheric ozone.
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41 Environmental impact hotspots of an integrated wet anaerobic ...
terms of ionizing radiation (1.4x100 kg U235-eq), followed by water depletion (1.11x103 m3- eq), global warming (6.27x102 kg CO2-eq), ...
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42 Indicators and weighting systems, including normalisation of ...
Table 15 presents midpoint impacts included in ReCiPe and normalisation factors. Normalisation data on fresh water depletion is not included ...
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43 An Update Characterization Factors for CML 2002 and ReCiPe
Keywords: abiotic resource depletion; boron; CML method; ReCiPe method ... ronmental impact of emissions to air, water, and soil, ...
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44 LC-IMPACT Version 1.0
of years, incorporating new impact pathways (e.g. water use) and ... ReCiPe 2008: A life cycle impact assessment method which comprises harmonised category.
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45 ILCD 2011 Midpoint+ is the PEF Method
o Resource Depletion – water → Water resource depletion o Resource Depletion -mineral, fossil → Mineral, ... ReCiPe. Acidification. Accumulated Exceedance.
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46 ISO 14046 Water Footprinting and Water Impact Assessment ...
Water scarcity is one of the most important environmental problems ... Alternative Methods: ReCiPe (Huijbregts and van Zelm 2009). Human health. Ecosyste.
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47 The Water Footprint Assessment Manual
4.6 How the 'blue water scarcity' as defined in water footprint studies ... assessment and response should not be read as recipes that lead to final answers.
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48 Life Cycle Impact Assessment - DTU Orbit
ReCiPe, CML, TRACI, EDIP, LIME, IMPACT 2002+, etc. However, with an ... particularly perceived by society (e.g. climate change or water scarcity) and allows.
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The inventory integrates data on livestock feed, water and electricity consumption, ... oxidant formation, Terrestrial acidification and Water depletion.
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50 Normalization in Life Cycle Assessment - ILS 2016
ReCiPe H: Europe ReCiPe H, 2000 (impact of Europe in 2000) [12]. ... Ecotoxicity for aquatic fresh water ... Resource depletion - water m3 water eq.
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51 State of art review on Life Cycle Assessment of polymers
Transformation: ALU/ LOP/ULO/NLT; Water Depletion: WD; Fresh water Eutrophication: FWE; ... ReCiPe method had higher impact compared to.
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52 a Spanish/Portuguese case study. iForest - Biogeosciences ...
The method chosen for the environmental impact assessment was ReCiPe, ... ozone depletion, marine eutrophication, water depletion and metal depletion and ...
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53 Life Cycle Assessment of Simulated Hydrogen Production by ...
using GaBi based on ReCiPe method. The system boundaries considered for ... oxidant formation, water depletion and terrestrial ecotoxicity.
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54 FlowGuard Environmental Product Report_SDR-11 1.5 ...
particulate matter, photochemical oxidant creation, acidification, eutrophication, water depletion. The ReCiPe impact assessment method was used to ...
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55 a comparative analysis of commercially available
Table 27B: GaBi / ReCiPe marine ecotoxicity for corrugated board ........................... ... Table 29A: SimaPro / ReCiPe water depletion for aluminum .
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56 Environmental life cycle assessment of bioethanol production ...
The environmental performance was studied using ReCiPe methodology and includes global warming, ozone depletion, photochemical oxidant formation, acidification, ...
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57 Environmental Prices Handbook 2017 | CE Delft
Voor noise nuisance, ionizing radiation and resource depletion other ... ReCiPe, impacts on the availability of mineral resources, water and ...
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58 Background Review of Existing Weighting Approaches in Life ...
ReCiPe-weighting using abatement cost . ... Resource depletion, water ... The SAB did not explicitly consider fossil fuel depletion or water intake as ...
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59 Part 3 Hydrating the Adult Patient with Short Bowel Syndrome
renal excretion due to sodium/water depletion (and the ... caused by profound salt and water depletion. ... Sample Homemade Oral Rehydration Recipes.
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60 Life cycle assessment of enzymatic poly(ethylene ...
fossil fuel depletion (MJ surplus energy), global warming (kg carbon ... water use (m3) and incorporates the potential for water depletion ...
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61 Learn about SM Single Score results - Sustainable Minds
2 Inventory Emissions, resource depletion and land-use Can be hundreds of chemicals per material. 3 Characterization Environmental impacts: global warming, ...
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62 Environmental assessment of domestic water supply options ...
The hierarchist midpoint indicators in the ReCiPe 1.08 method ... resource depletion: fossil, mineral and water depletion poten-.
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63 Soil-less Soil Study - Part 1, Life Cycle Assessment
methodology of ReCiPe 2016 to track the hotspots of the LCA since it is the most ... of human toxicity potential, and 63% of water depletion potential.
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64 A life cycle assessment of e-books and printed books in South ...
The two systems were compared using the ReCiPe midpoint and cumulative energy demand ... natural land transformation, water depletion and fossil depletion.
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65 Life-cycle impact assessment methods for physical energy ...
scarcity indicator in the ReCiPe package is obtained by divid- ... levels and resulting climate change will alter wind patterns, water flows.
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66 a systematic review and meta-analysis of life cycle assessments
Authors' own: Adapted from ReCiPe 2016 v1.1 Report 1: Characterization. ... Water Use (m3): Resource Depletion Water (m3 equivalents), Water ...
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67 BD ecoFinity® Life Cycle Solution Environmental Life Cycle ...
ReCiPe is a widely recognized approach commonly utilized for LCA studies. ... formation, climate change (or carbon footprint), water depletion, etc.
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68 Environmental impact categories - Enviroscore - AZTI
... factor in marine water). European validity. Averaged characterization factors from country dependent characterization factors. | ReCiPe version 1.05.
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69 LCIA Recommended Indicators
Water scarcity footprint, WSF, Water shortages, Local, Natural resources ... IRP, Health problems, Local, Human health, ReCiPe 1.08 Midpoint, kg U-235 eq.
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70 Homemade Electrolyte Drink - A Saucy Kitchen
Signs of electrolyte loss or depletion include: nausea, ... Altogether, this homemade electrolyte drink recipe is super easy to make with ...
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71 Life cycle assessment of cucumber irrigation: unplanned water ...
According to the threshold of scarcity established by the United Nations ... with reclaimed water and groundwater, ReCiPe 2016 V1.03 (H).
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72 Life Cycle Assessment of Nitrate and Compound Fertilizers ...
depletion were identified as the most crucial impact categories. ... linked with impacts such as nitrate leaching into ground water, ...
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73 Peak Water: Are we Running out of a Critical Resource?
About "peak water" the situation is less clear than with peak oil, but the data indicate depletion problems in several areas of the world.
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A complete list of the ozone depletion potential for different substances is provided in Annex B: ReCiPe characterisation factors for modelling of air pollution ...
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75 Module-e-Impact-assessment.pdf - Life Cycle Initiative
interpret and communicate than ozone layer depletion. ... examples: Impact 2002+, Recipe, . ... Copper to water. Ecotoxicity.
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76 Dehydration - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic
Older adults naturally have a lower volume of water in their bodies, ... to heat exhaustion or potentially life-threatening heatstroke.
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77 5 Natural Treatments for Dehydration Symptoms - Dr. Axe
It's possible to become dehydrated if you lose as little as 3 percent of your body weight from water depletion.
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78 Dehydration: Symptoms, causes, and treatments
Dehydration occurs when more water and fluids leave the body than enter it. Even low levels of dehydration can ... Water depletion. Dehydration is easy to ...
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79 Life Cycle Assessment of Rice Residue-Based Biochar ...
Contribution analysis of RH340 biochar production (ReCiPe H) . ... warming, ozone depletion, human toxicity, fresh water aquatic ecotoxicity ...
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80 Environmental Impacts - Circular Ecology
Ozone depletion: Depletion of the ozone layer. Ozone is a harmful pollutant in the lower ... Water depletion: A measure of the amount of water consumed.
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81 Are you over-hydrated? - Gundersen Health System
Drink water when you are thirsty and until your urine is light yellow to clear. Avoid drinking more than 1 liter of fluid per hour which will allow your kidneys ...
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82 LCA Strawberries HORTISED Sustainability.pdf - FloRe
Acidification, Eutrophication, Ozone Layer Depletion and Human Toxicity. ... irrigation), water and fertilizer consumption and pesticides.
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83 Sustainability-based Life Cycle Analysis of Biomethane as a ...
Database and ReCiPe Midpoint (H) impact assessment methodology, ... impact categories of climate change and fossil resource depletion.
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84 A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Water ...
Figure 5.17 Network Diagram Illustrating Water Depletion for Mine Water ... the LCA methodologies such as ReCiPe, the potential greenhouse effect is ...
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85 a globally regionalized life cycle impact assessment method
(c) For mineral resources depletion impact, the material competition scarcity ... World+ and not considered in ReCiPe or IMPACT 2002+, in particular water ...
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86 for life cycle - impact assessment indicators volume 1
Water use related impacts: Water scarcity and human health effects ... consumption via water scarcity resulted, The native ... Recipe (2008).
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87 Impact categories, normalisation and weighting in LCA.
For global impacts (global warming and stratospheric ozone depletion) ... As it appears all impact categories (apart from effects of waste heat water.
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88 Fired-Clay Bricks Incorporating Biosolids: Comparative Life ...
... by means of the ReCiPe midpoint LCA method using SimaPro ... to most of the environmental impacts except water depletion, ...
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89 Life Cycle Assessment of Upgrading Primary Wastewater ...
The ReCiPe method was selected as the life cycle impact assessment method, which comprises harmonized category ... Water depletion, Cubic meters, m3.
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90 ReCiPe2016: a harmonised life cycle ... - Radboud Repository
tal effects considered for the impacts related to ozone depletion, ionising radiation, toxicity, fine particulate matter formation and water ...
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