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1 Who does this? (endgame spoilers) - Deus Ex - GameFAQs
At the very least I like to kill Darrow. Even if he gives me the shutdown code I like to kill him in some fashion as punishment for all he's done.
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2 Hugh Darrow | Deus Ex Wiki - Fandom
If Jensen engages Darrow in a CASIE conversation, he can make Darrow admit that the real reason he wants to destroy augmentation is because his body cannot ...
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3 Which ending did you choose (Obvious Spoilers) :: Deus Ex
I always chose Hugh Darrow's ending. Of course, the consequences might ... Yes, alot of people die when you destroy Panchaia, but sometimes.
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4 Shutting Down Darrow\'s Signal - Part 21 - Gamer Guides
Hugh Darrow's signal from Panchaea drives all augmented people insane; ... using this route is only advised if you're killing or have lots of cloak energy.
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5 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Killing Hugh Darrow - YouTube
Blaze Rhodon
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6 Human Revolution Hugh Darrow - ALL DIALOGUE/ENDING
Albert Cole
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7 Shutting Down Darrow's Signal - Human Revolution Wiki Guide's_Signal
Walk to the edge of the pipe and shoot the frag mine in the air vent. ... After the cut-scene you'll be in a dialog stand-off with Hugh ...
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8 Fridge / Deus Ex: Human Revolution - TV Tropes
In the story you have people like Sarif, Darrow, and Taggart who are much bigger ... If you choose Jensen's ending and destroy Panchaea, you've not only ...
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9 (3) Talking to Hugh Darrow Deus Ex: HR Guide - Game Guides
If the conversation fails, then Darrow will refuse to give you the code and you won't obtain it even if you try to kill your interlocutor.
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10 The End achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution
If you won the speech achievement against Hugh Darrow you'll have the code ... have the laser you can shoot though the glass in front of Zhao Yun Ru to kill ...
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11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Pointless Bosses | - Medium
Here's how to beat the bosses with (relative) ease so that you can ... (or code from Hugh Darrow), EMP shielding augmentation, plasma gun.
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12 Panchaea Control Tower - GameBanshee
If you fail in your persuasion (+100 XP), Darrow won't give you the code, but you can still use it regardless. At this point, you can choose to kill Hugh Darrow ...
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13 Thread: Invincible/killable NPCs (*untagged spoilers*) - TTLG
If you kill him, he does not appear but that is a bad choice(as is putting him in jail). Telling him he was framed and letting him go will net ...
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14 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Achievement Guide - Neoseeker
This is the best course of action, actually; if he gets to kill the hostage you lose out on a few things, and if he dies you lose out on a lot ( ...
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15 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Arthur Holden as Hugh Darrow
Destroy it, and you destroy our very species. Adam Jensen : Don't paint yourself a savior in this! What you're doing is insane! Hugh Darrow : Is it? When ...
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16 Deus Ex: Did you thwart singularity? - Terminally Incoherent
Darrow does make some compelling points, but if you choose the right ... Of course to do this, you have to kill few thousand of innocent ...
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17 It is a damn shame I can't murder Bill Taggart. - Deus Ex
Heh, did anyone else shoot Hugh Darrow in Panchea? ... If you find Bill Taggart, you can kill him like you would kill any other npc.
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18 Deus Ex Human Revolution, the most important story in ...
If you take away your individual opinion on certain characters, what you are ... He wants Jensen to alter the message that Hugh Darrow has ...
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19 How am I supposed to kill the final boss on the Deus Ex ...
... a level 5 hack or with a code I think given to you by Hugh Darrow. ... Even a "PEPS" can kill if it slams someone hard enough against a ...
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20 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - All The Tropes
Also, Hugh Darrow won't have any codes on him if you whack him. Tong won't berate you for killing his men if you didn't actually kill any of ...
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21 Deus Ex Diaries Part Forty Four (Human Revolution) - GameGrin
Entering Sarif's office, I was greeted by Hugh Darrow, ... aircraft before it hit the ground in a construction site, I happened to be in an ...
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22 Human Revolution #9 - IT-HE Software
I'm not quite sure what happens if you don't, and I'm not that eager to find ... In this game it is shockingly easy to accidentally shoot your unconscious ...
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23 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ ...
Important weak walls are noted in the guide anyways, and if you shoot them ... If you want to do this the non-lethal way, your probably better off taking ...
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24 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided': Everything You Need To Know ...
hugh darrow deus ex human revolution. Hugh Darrow. The father of augmentation was a member of the Illuminati who went rogue after deciding that mechanical ...
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25 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided PC Review: Augmented Reality
Basically, if you liked the stealth in Human Revolution, it's the same ... but it always feels like there's something to do and little nooks ...
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26 What to Know About 'Deus Ex' Before 'Mankind Divided'
Maybe you never asked for this, but here it is. ... Instead, Hugh Darrow, the disillusioned inventor of augmentations has decided his ...
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27 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review - Feminist Frequency
› video › deus-ex-mankind...
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28 Deus Ex Human Revolution - Achievements and Trophies ...
To do this you have to choose to kill Chan, then drag him to the roof and ... the ceiling in Panchaea as Hugh Darrow will encounter him right after jumping ...
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29 RePlayed: Deus Ex: Human Revolution -
RETRO FUTURE: Consider, if you will, the world of Deus Ex: Human ... visionaries like David Sarif and Hugh Darrow, and crusaders like ...
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30 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Movie - Playthroughline
ADAM makes his way to the CONTROL ROOM and finds HUGH DARROW. HUGH DARROW. I won't give you the override codes. Nuh, not doing it. ADAM JENSEN.
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31 daedalus — the tag sad hugh noises is killing me XD
David Sarif and Hugh Darrow are the Mulder and Scully of Deus Ex if ... (if you guys want to do it for yourselves or pick characters to do ...
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32 In-game Achievements? - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
I´ve been wondering if tere is a list of the in-game "achievements" and how you get them... im talking about the things you get an xp bonus ...
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33 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Everything we know - Polygon
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided takes place in 2029, two years after the events of ... and discovered that Hugh Darrow, the inventor of mechanical ...
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34 Clarence Darrow - Wikipedia
Clarence Seward Darrow was an American lawyer who became famous in the early 20th century for his involvement in the Leopold and Loeb murder trial and the ...
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35 #hugh darrow | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumpik
Full list of every nominated character below, and there are still a couple of days left for sign-ups, if you're interested (though, y'know ‒ see rules, and ...
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36 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is About DRM
And if it made us, will it destroy us? ... In Human Revolution, Hugh Darrow – Augmentation's Oppenheimer – sees the world he's created and ...
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37 Deus Ex - Black Light Book Review - Hey Poor Player
He'd put Panchaea, the Illuminati's Hyron Project, and himself under the ocean waves after bringing a stop to the plans of Hugh Darrow, the ...
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38 Deus Ex Human Revolution EP17:You Make Me Poor
Shamus Young is a programmer, an author, and nearly a composer. He works on this site full time. If you'd like to support him, you can do so via ...
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39 Mass Effect 3 Post-humanism - Fextralife Forum
If you know anything about the character you know this is not necessarily a ... Hugh Darrow in Deus Ex ? (other than the obvious thing about mass murder).
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40 Humanity tears itself apart in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Did you miss a session from GamesBeat Summit Next 2022? ... One of the Illuminati, Hugh Darrow, set off a signal that went to the chips ...
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41 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut Trophy Guide
You showed millionaire Hugh Darrow that his logic was flawed. ... Pacifist (If you didn't kill anyone during the entire playthrough); Gold ...
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42 Is Deus Ex Human Revolution Truly Transhuman? - Kill Screen
“Pacifist” is an achievement given if you finish Human Revolution without murdering ... Adam Jensen, his bosses David Sarif and Hugh Darrow, ...
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43 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Guide - The Second Set of ...
You can find Hugh Darrow's agent, Mengyao, on top of one of the buildings ... Reasoning with or killing the men should net you a Praxis Kit.
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44 #Megan Reed on Tumblr
White Room, Deus Ex HR. Bedroom from 2001. #Deus Ex Human Revolution#Megan Reed#Hugh Darrow#Adam Jensen#2001 a ...
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45 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Classic Marvel Forever,72202,72219
I've been homebrewing stuff for this game for years, and I though it ... Additionally, he is close friends with Hugh Darrow, the father of ...
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46 Top 10 Best Antagonists in Video Game History - GND-Tech
It isn't made clear that Hugh Darrow is the antagonist until late in the ... haunt your dreams if you play the game and are easily scared.
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47 Deus Ex HR Story thread | I never asked for Spoilers - NeoGAF
If you enjoy our community, please consider whitelisting or becoming ... Darrow ending can't happen, it's the beta version of Tracer Tong's ...
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48 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Wiki Guide PDF
you should be able to defeat Level 3 devices easily, push-over Level ... If you had a successful conversation with Hugh Darrow and convinced ...
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49 REVIEW: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - PLAY Zine
We've all been waiting for the fourth sequel of what is ... “Aug incident” at the international conference when Hugh Darrow sent a signal ...
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50 Leopold and Loeb's Criminal Minds - Smithsonian Magazine
The murder rate in Chicago was higher than ever, yet Darrow would do away with punishment. Crime, Crowe believed, would decline only through the more rigorous ...
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51 Why Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Narrative Fails to Impress
Darrow. This should shock Jensen, as he has no idea that industrialist Hugh Darrow is running the factory, but he hasn't reached that cut-scene ...
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52 "Fetch this, do that, kill those" etc... What do you want from games ...
If I am wrong about all this and its the very idea of fetching this, ... Think back to your encounter with Hugh Darrow near the end of Deus Ex: HR, ...
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53 10 Things You Should Know About Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ...
Where and When It Takes Place ... The incident was prompted by Hugh Darrow, the main antagonist of Human Revolution.
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54 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Strategy Guide - Google Books Result
1 Praxis Pack Available 2 Hugh Darrow eBooks Detroit 2 3 Praxis Packs Available 3 Hugh Darrow eBooks 2 Sidequests Available Kill/Confront Sandoval If you ...
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55 [Where I play] Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - RPGnet Forums
You were doing what I asked you to do before you knew I... ... as well as the ones on the island doing human trafficking for Hugh Darrow.
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56 Leopold and Loeb Trial
If Darrow's strategy failed, his clients would be ... the basic crime, a kidnapping for ransom and a murder, they spent the coming weeks and.
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57 Impressive Vdeo Game Villians - Total War Center Forums
If you do so, Chuundar is unopposed in his leadership position, while also successfully swaying Zaalbar to his ... Hugh Darrow (Deus Ex: Human Revolution).
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58 “It's not the end of the world but you can see it from here ...
I can't tell you if they succeeded in that particular mandate. ... In 2027 the research of Hugh Darrow has led to widespread use of ...
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59 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Demonstrating the Power of ...
They proceed to slaughter personnel and destroy the facility. ... She reveals that Hugh Darrow, a close friend of David Sarif and the father ...
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60 Deus Ex: Black Light (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided prequel)
A Frankenstein out to kill his monster. A Daedalus intent on tearing away his wings. “Were you present when Hugh Darrow died?” Thorne's question was a ...
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61 Retelling the Leopold-Loeb Story in Popular Culture - JSTOR
One day after Leopold and Loeb confessed to killing Bobby Franks, popular novelist ... stories in American criminal history on May 21, 1924, when they ab.
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62 Deus Ex Mankind Divided: What we want to know -
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided takes place two years after Human ... how the view of augmentations has changed since Hugh Darrow (anti-aug villain ...
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63 Deus Ex: Human Revolution review - Rare Gamer
With my Nintendo 3DS fully busted and my Wii U console a world away, ... Frank Pritchard (snooty IT engineer), Hugh Darrow (mastermind ...
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64 (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) — [Napoleon/Illya]
Anyway, if you're new to the series (or want to reread), you'll want ... to the hands in his lap, “that THRUSH has ordered me to kill you.
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65 Hugh Darrow (Character) - Giant Bomb
No recent wiki edits to this page. Overview. One of the main characters in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it can be argued if he's an antagonist or simply a ...
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66 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Rating and User Reviews,0
If you've played it, submit your rating for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and share your ... After hacking the biochip present in the augmented, Hugh Darrow ...
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67 An Intimate History of Killing - The New York Times
With the familiar, authoritative voice of `one-who-has-been-there', Broyles asserted that when combat soldiers were questioned about their war experiences they ...
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68 Frank Leslie's Chimney Corner
You haven't from a case in his pocket to do ii by , and Tom “ Oh ... A rash fellow was Tom Darrow , but he had It was not till after this that Tom all but ...
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69 Can a black heroine fix the racist stereotypes infecting 'King ...
When King Kong opened on Broadway recently, actress Christiani Pitts became the ... Before we can understand what it means for Pitts to play Darrow, we must ...
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70 Psychiatric Testimony in the Leopold and Loeb Trial
Darrow: What? Crowe: Evidence that grows out of the transaction itself. In other words, as I explained yesterday, after a murder has been proved, it is ...
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71 What games are you playing? NG+ Edition - Page 46 - General ...
Especially if you are doing some of the city stuff in between story beats, it paces ... Hugh Darrow (a man that was literally born into wealth) said that by ...
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72 Deus Ex | Archive of Our Own
Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity ...
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73 Frank Leslie's Pleasant Hours
said Uncle Hugh , with a bit of as if it was left by the man who dug it , and Tom ... “ I want to inquire about said in a low voice to Rose : John Darrow ...
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74 Shutting Down Darrow's Signal - Deus Ex - Super Cheats
Hugh Darrow's signal from Panchaea drives all augmented people insane; ... You'll still need to kill the Hyron Drones after opening their pods, but you can ...
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75 Bootlegs broadway
If, let's say a Beetlejuice bootleg, is leaked immediately after it was filmed, ... 2018 Broadway Theatre Cast: Christiani Pitts (Ann Darrow), Eric William ...
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76 Zenith - Decorative Vegetable
Really like your series E, Dylan. Nice how you're giving Dayna and Soolin so much to do. ❤ Wish Big Finish would produce it. Interesting outline, Kiyan. Thank ...
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77 Game Narrative Review - AWS
Hugh Darrow – Touted as the “father of augmentation technology”, Hugh ... the player to ask if it is necessarily for the better. Ultimately, the fate of not ...
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78 Hugh Darrow Abandoned Lab Art - Deus Ex - Pinterest
Jun 12, 2013 - View an image titled 'Hugh Darrow Abandoned Lab Art' in our Deus Ex: Human ... Long Live the Revolution: An Akame Ga Kill x Titanfall Tale.
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79 The International Socialist Review - Page 883 - Google Books Result
When we go on strike to better our lot , which is the lot also of your ... brothers and sisters , you are called upon by your officers to murder us .
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80 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Side-Quests - Gaming News
When: On your second visit to Hengsha, walking the streets and completing the main quest, Hugh Darrow will contact Adam Jensen.
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