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1 SR9C trigger pull | Ruger Forum
The SR9c trigger is a tad lighter, breaks cleaner, and resets quicker than the M&P with the 2 piece trigger. The M&P trigger has more take up, ...
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2 Ruger SR9C trigger job with a new lighter pull, short reset and ...
› ... › The Trigger Guy › Videos
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3 Smooth It Trigger Kits for Ruger® SR9®, SR9e®, SR9c ...
Our trigger kit is a great option to help smooth out and lighten the trigger system of your Ruger SR9, SR9e, SR9c, SR40, SR40c, SR45.
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4 SR9 Trigger Pull |
The SR9 and SR9c have an identical trigger group. Gunblast rated both the SR9 and SR9c examples it tested with a factory trigger rearward travel ...
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5 Ruger SR9 Trigger Pull - Gun Classifieds and Discussions
My sr9c feels like it's 4.5-5.5lbs. Light and short. Feels just like a Glock but shorter with a tad bit longer reset.
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6 Ruger SR9c Spec Sheet -
Trigger Pull Weight. 5.2 pounds. Trigger Type. Sights Type ... Ruger SR9c Spec Sheet ... biggest fan of the trigger angle, but the pull is smooth.
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7 Ruger SR9 Trigger Improvement - YouTube
Ron Carpenter
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8 Ruger SR9C Trigger Job: Ghost Ultimate connector - YouTube
Feb 22, 2016
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9 SR Series Smooth It Kit Installation - YouTube
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10 SR9 and SR9c triggers | Defensive Carry
I have not shot the sr-9C, but i have a full size sr-9 and the trigger pull is just right for me. I have shot Glocks and there is not much ...
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11 Ruger SR Series Pistol Installation Instructions - Ghost Inc.
If you do not have a Ruger SR9 manual contact Ruger and they will send you one for ... Hold FCH and pull the trigger bar forward and rotate the rear of the ...
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12 Triggers on Ruger SR9c and S&W M&P9 Shield: Advice Needed
As others have commented I find the trigger pull on the Ruger SR9C comfortable to use. In fact I shot one for three months weak handed while my ...
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13 for Ruger SR 9 9c Ghost Inc Ultimate 3.5lb Trigger Connector ...
After installing this connector in a brand new SR9c, my trigger pull does not feel as smooth and my trigger gauge reads the pull at 4-6oz heavier than bone ...
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14 Those of you with an SR9, does the trigger on it blow ... - Reddit
When Ruger came out with the SR9c, they drastically improved the trigger, ... My SR9c has a smooth, crisp trigger pull, and the newer SR9 models have this ...
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15 ruger sr9/sr40 ultimate 3.5 trigger connector - Brownells
Redesigned connector reduces the factory trigger pull down to 3½ to 5 lbs., while it drastically shortens or completely eliminates accuracy-robbing ...
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16 Ghost Rocket Trigger Tune for Glock and Ruger SR9 Pistols
The Ghost Rocket Trigger Connector allows you to shorten the trigger over travel and trigger re-set on your Glock (or Ruger SR9).
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17 Ruger SR9C Review - Ballistics 101
ruger SR9C TRIGGER A bit long , in my opinion, on the first pull however very smooth and a very short, crisp reset on follow up. Trigger reach is good for ...
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18 Ruger SR Series Smooth It Trigger Kit Installation - Vimeo
› Galloway Precision › Videos
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19 Ruger SR9c – A User Viewpoint - Guntoters
In 2010, Ruger introduced the SR9c, the “compact” little brother to the SR9. ... Pull the trigger and the cocked indicator goes forward.
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20 Is the Ruger SR9C Better than the Glock 19? - SOFREP
I'll shoot five rounds through each gun and compare them on these points. Trigger. Glocks, in general, are known for their light, crisp trigger pull. The ...
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21 Ruger SR9C Trigger Upgrades? Needed or a Waste?
Not an expert, but I did do the $0.25 trigger polish and upgrade on my Glock 17 and that made a world of difference. Interesting, the Ruger SR9C ...
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22 Ghost Triggers for Ruger SR9c | Forums
nightpoison said: I have the ghost trigger on my sr9c. Very easy to install. Over travel and reset improved, but not a ton
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23 Ruger® Security-9® Centerfire Pistol Models
The trigger has a short, smooth pull, clean break and positive reset. Textured grip frame provides a secure and comfortable grip. Dovetailed, high-visibility ...
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24 Ghost Ultimate Trigger Connector, 3.5 lb for Ruger SR9
After additional polishing and installing the ultimate connector, the trigger pull was down to about 5.5 lbs. When I got to go to the range today and try it, it ...
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25 Lionheart Short Stroke Trigger for Ruger SR9 SR9c SR40 ...
Lionheart Short Stroke Trigger for Ruger SR9, SR9e, SR9c, SR40, SR40c, ... With a flat face for better trigger finger placement Built in over travel stop ...
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26 Gun Review: Ruger SR9c - The Truth About Guns
Add in a relatively light trigger pull (5.2 lbs) and you have a compact 9mm semi-automatic pistol that shoots like a 1911. I won't say rapid ...
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27 RUGER SR9c - Tactical Life
Note that the trigger is in the at-rest position. When Ruger introduced their SR9 semi-autopistol, it was a solid step into the world of combative firearms.
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28 Ruger SR-Series - Wikipedia
The Ruger SR9 chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge was introduced in October 2007, and the slightly smaller SR9c came out in January 2010.
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29 Ruger SR series | Military Wiki - Fandom
Enthusiast website Gunblast rated both the SR9 and SR9c examples it tested with a factory trigger rearward travel at 9.5 mm (0.37 in). Gunblast rated its SR9 ...
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30 Anyone Carry the Ruger SR9c? What's Your Opinion of This ...
The trigger pull weight is around 5 lbs, short, crisp, and has a short reset with a nice click you can feel. Accuracy: I can shoot my SR9c more ...
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31 vp9 trigger pre-travel reduction - HKPRO Forums
picked up a VP9 a few weeks ago and after some range time (and back to back with my Ruger SR9C) I am finding the long pre-travel of the ...
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32 SR9 High Capacity 9MM: Ruger's First Striker-Fired Pistol
Ruger's specifications for the SR9 state that the trigger pull weight is 6.5 pounds. Initially the trigger pull on the test SR9 felt much heavier.
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33 Handgun: Ruger SR9c | Love/Like/Hate -
It has a trigger blade safety and a fairly light, short pull before firing. If you are used to a 1911 style trigger or a revolver trigger, you ...
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34 Ruger SR9C KSR9C/3313 9mm, $525 - Gun Tests
But unlike the long arc of most hinged triggers, the SR9C trigger offered a short travel of firm takeup followed by a break point that was ...
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35 Ruger sr9 trigger job - Desert Flying Club
example sr9 with a trigger pull of 30 n (6.7 lbf,) and gunblast rated its example sr9c with a trigger pull of 23 n (5.2 lbf.40 [5][6][7] the shooting trip ...
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36 SR-Series Instruction Manual - Amazon AWS
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. sells its products in compliance ... Magazine Loader – SR9's and SR40's . ... The last bit of trigger pull fires the pistol.
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37 Ruger SR9c Review 2022 [Handgun Performance, Features ...
Click here to read this Ruger SR9c review guide to find out if this handgun is ... Surprisingly, the trigger worked seamlessly with a smooth pull and a bit ...
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38 Ghost Rocket in SR9c problems - The Firing Line Forum
I just attempted to install a Ghost Rocket in my Ruger SR9c. ... and about 50 assembly and dissassembly the trigger on my gun won't pull.
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39 Is the Ruger SR9c a Good Gun for Concealed Carry?
The pistol functioned flawlessly as it chewed through a mix of Fiocchi Range Dynamics, Blazer Brass, and Wolf ammunition. The trigger was ...
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40 Ghost Tactical 5.0 Trigger Connector for Ruger SR9
Find products like Ghost Tactical 5.0 Trigger Connector for Ruger SR9 and more, ... trigger over-travel and incorporating the self cleaning holes.
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41 Ruger SR9 Update - Handguns
By Dave Spaulding I admit I like the Ruger SR9 9mm pistol. ... utilizes a visible inner trigger, which retards rearward travel unless it is depressed.
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42 Ruger SR9c trigger job - Firearms Talk
It drops about 2 pounds off the trigger pull. You'll need to know how to detail strip ... Galloway Precision mainly does Ruger SR9/40 parts.
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43 Ruger SR9 Review | Specs, Features, & Pros/Cons
The Ruger SR9 was discontinued for a period of time before it then became a ... It has a decently long as well as heavy trigger pull: For some people, ...
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44 The Best Ruger SR9 Accessories For Your Pistol - GunBacker
While the idea is that a somewhat heavy trigger pull is a safety in and of itself, a lot of people like their handgun triggers to be nice and light. Especially ...
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45 Ruger Sr9c Trigger Lock
AR-15 Performance; Smooth It Trigger Kits for Ruger® SR9®, SR9e®, SR9c. 2 lbs trigger pull is on a lighter end compared to LC9's approximately 6.
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46 Ghost Inc. Ruger SR Series Ultimate 3.5lb Trigger Bar Reset
This piece allows for a smooth 3.5 lb trigger pull and is perfect for providing a reliable performance from your Ruger SR9, SR9C, SR22, SR40, SR40C and SR45.
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47 Ruger SR9c Centerfire Pistol Review - Gunivore
That is part of the allure and major advantage of these types of guns – simplicity. If you can pull a trigger, you can operate the Ruger SR9c.
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48 Ruger Security 9 vs SR9 (2022 UPDATE) Key Differences
When we talk about top-performing semi-automatic pistols, Ruger SR9 vs ... of SR9 & Security 9; 2.4 Trigger Pull; 2.5 Sights: Ruger SR9 or Security 9?
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49 Glock Trigger Tune-Up - Glock Pistols Gen 1-4 - EABCO
Glock Trigger Tune System fits Gen 1-4 Pistols. Eliminates Trigger Over Travel for Better Accuracy! The Rocket trigger connector has an over travel tab that ...
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50 Customer reviews: Stainless Steel Striker Indicator for Ruger ...
Stainless Steel Striker Indicator for Ruger SR9, SR9c, SR40, SR40c and SR45 ... and make a felt difference in reducing the gritty feeling of trigger travel.
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51 New Ruger SR9 Pistol: Striker-Fired Tactical Plastic for ...
We here at DefenseReview like the approx. 5.5-lb (pound) trigger-pull weight on our carry Glock 19(s). Five and a half pounds should be heavy enough to preclude ...
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52 Ruger quality getting bad? ....... Or just my bad luck?
Have more than my share of Ruger problems as of late. SR9-C .. ... You rack slide, pull trigger, gun goes click, trigger stays to the rear, ...
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53 Ruger Sr 45 heavy trigger.
I did do before/after trigger pull weight tests on 5 of] the guns (2 of the 45, 1 each of the 40, 40c, 9c as I said none of us had the SR9)
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54 Ghost Inc. Ultimate Trigger Reset Bar 3.5 lb Ruger sr9
The ULTIMATE in Drop-in 3.5 lb trigger bar reset. The ULTIMATE is highly polished for the smoothest drop-in 3.5 lb trigger pull possible, and incorporates ...
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55 Ruger Security 9 vs Glock 19 - AmmoMan School of Guns Blog
On average, the Security 9 had a trigger pull of 4.3 pounds when measured with a digital trigger pull gauge. The trigger had some takeup, and then broke ...
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56 Galloway Precision, Lionheart Short Stroke Trigger, Fits Ruger ...
... this trigger will produce the shortest pull possible in your SR/SRc pistol. Maintains factory safety. Get yours today!! Fits Ruger SR9, SR9e, SR9c, ...
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57 Ruger SR9 - - Monderno
The Ruger SR9 is a semi-automatic striker fired polymer pistol ... I find the trigger pull to be fairly smooth with a clean break, ...
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58 Ruger SR9 Pistol - Weapons - POLICE Magazine
The SR9 is not just another striker-fired, polymer frame, 9mm pistol, ... according to my trigger pull scale, broke at a crisp six pounds, ...
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59 Ruger SR9 Aftermarket Trigger and info - AR15.COM
Buddy has a SR9 and was exploring his options for cleaning up the trigger pull; don't think he ever went through w/ getting anything from ...
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60 The Ruger SR9c: Gun Review - The Shooter's Log
Ruger's SR9c has been available on the market for some time now, ... 10 rounds (standard) 17 rounds (extended); Trigger Pull: 5 pounds ...
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61 Ruger SR9c | Reload Your Gear
Summary: Dave Spaulding's review and rating of the Ruger SR9c pistol, ... The trigger safety blocks rearward travel of the trigger, so it's engaged without ...
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62 Done with Ruger SR series handguns - Northwest Firearms
A few months ago I bought a Ruger SR9C 9mm. ... Cleared the round, dropped the slide again, and again I couldn't pull the trigger.
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63 Ruger SR9 Review - Features, Pros & Cons, Alternatives (2022)
Price-wise, while inexpensive, the Ruger SR9 9mm pistol is not a cheap piece ... Moderately long and heavy trigger pull: For some, the somewhat long and ...
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64 Ruger SR9 and SR9c | 1911Forum
Keep in mind I am not a Ruger basher, I like most of their products. ... Ruger It was the SR9 that had the bad trigger pull.
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65 Shooting Review: The Ruger Security-9 | Eagle Gun Range Inc.
One of the new releases from Ruger is a compact 9mm pistol, ... Unlike a Glock 19, I felt no discomfort under the trigger guard.
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66 Ruger SR40c Review | An Official Journal Of The NRA
Ruger's popular line of SR pistols started off with the ... The SR40c has a 6-pound 4-ounce trigger, but the travel stroke is only 3/8 inch ...
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67 Ruger SR9 9mm Pistol - Chuck Hawks
The SR9 is striker fired with the same trigger pull weight every shot. According my Lyman digital trigger gauge it breaks right at five pounds, the same pull ...
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68 Ruger SR9c — Pistol Specs, Info, Photos ... -
The Ruger SR9c has earned the following ratings for concealability, ... plus and I end up using it more often than not because of the lighter trigger pull.
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69 Ruger SR9 | Michigan Sportsman Forum
Pros: Ruger reliability & Ruger quality. Cons: Long trigger pull. They say you can't eat a rack. Perhaps, but that rack's got a nice set of ...
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70 SR9 Fluff and Buff | Ruger Pistol Forums
My SR9 has a somewhat gritty feel about the trigger, and upon ... Overall, this did not reduce the perceived trigger pull weight, ...
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71 Ruger's New SR9 Striker-Fired Lightweight 9mm Auto Pistol
The SR9 complies with that requirement, having a trigger with a pull weight measuring seven pounds, ten ounces on my sample, with a trigger ...
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72 Ruger SR9 Compact Nitride Black 9mm (3314)
The Ruger SR9c complies with this line of thinking, having a trigger pull that measures around 7-1/2 pounds, with an overall travel that is approximately ...
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73 The SR9 Auto Pistol Marks the Dawning of a New Era At Ruger
The magazine disconnect does not affect the quality of the trigger pull during normal shooting; SR9 trigger pulls are factory specced at 6.5 pounds, ...
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74 Review of the Ruger SR9c - ThruMyLens
Firstly, Ruger really went to work on the trigger of the SR9 when ... and pull it out from the other side as shown the below two photos.
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75 Ruger Sr9c Disassembly
Safe, easy takedown with no special tools or trigger pull required. Ruger SR9c walkthrough complete disassembly and reassembly.
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76 Don't Buy Ruger SR9c If You Are Not Aware Of These 6 ...
The SR9c was unveiled in 2010. Essentially, it is the SR9 in a compact form. Both of those models have a lot in common, including the trigger group,
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77 Any Love for the Ruger SR9c? | Smith And Wesson Forums
The trigger on these is amazing. Ours both have about a 5# pull with no grit, stacking or excessive travel. Recoil is very manageable and being ...
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78 Ruger SR9: Extensive review + Fix of certain failures to extract
The travel is excessive compared to a 1911. It is unique with the most recent trigger itiration. After break-in, my fingers say four and a half ...
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79 Kydex Ruger SR9c Holsters for Concealed Carry
Ruger SR9c Kydex holsters are easy to find and will complete your Concealed Carry ... The Ruger SR9c has a smooth trigger, with just a 5.2 lb trigger pull.
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80 The Truth about the Ruger SR40 - Gun Nuts Media
The basics of the gun are pretty simple – it's an SR9 upgraded to ... like the SR9c trigger is about 6 lbs with a bit of pre-travel and a ...
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81 Ruger SR9 Recall Update - RifleShooter
Update– Ruger has begun shipping the first retrofitted SR9 ... In addition, with the inner trigger blade depressed, the length-of-pull is ...
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82 Ruger SR9 trigger. -
Yeah, except for the Rocket trigger. Because of the really bad stock trigger, I sent my SR9 back to Ruger. It had a 12lb trigger pull, ...
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83 Ruger SR9 recall update: will now feature Glock style trigger ...
son of a ^&%*&, damm ruger, but the trigger pull is now 5/16 vs the 9/16th on my Kahr ( I luv Kahr, best CCG in the world) so one shot target ...
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84 Ruger SR9c Compact 9mm - Average Joe's Handgun Reviews
When the pistol was recalled for possible discharge problems Ruger tweaked the trigger system and returned the pistol with a better pull. It was ...
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85 Ruger sr9 trigger pull - VDG Airconditioning
Ruger sr9 trigger pull ... It's my daily carry gun, and having a smooth trigger doesn't bother me one bit. ... Ruger SR9 and SR40 Performance Pistol Parts.
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86 Custom Ruger Firearm Parts and Accessories MCARBO!
Ruger Firearm , Ruger Accessories and More Ruger! ... Labeled Ruger M77 Trigger Spring Kit - Trigger Return Spring ...
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87 Ruger Sr9c Value - Koos Klussenbus
Ruger Sr9c ValueThe Ruger SR9 uses a 9mm Luger (9x19mm Parabellum) cartridge. ruger ... It makes tight groups at 25 yards, with a comfortable trigger pull.
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88 How Much Does Trigger Overtravel Matter? - Recoil Magazine
Some firearms have overtravel reduction mechanisms built into the trigger (or ... make the user a faster, more accurate shooter by reducing trigger travel.
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89 Ruger Sr9 Review 2020
Ruger Sr9 Review 2020A number of parts in the trigger assembly are replaced, ... One of the aspects he wrote about is the SR9's trigger-pull weight, ...
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90 Ruger Sr40 Conversion Kit - GB Legal
0 lb for RUGER SR9/40/45 Series including the SR9/40c is our best trigger control bar reset ... Improves Accuracy By Reducing Trigger Pull & Over-Travel.
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91 Tandemkross victory trigger adjustment - v i c l i s
Galloway Precision SS Guide+CCW/Trigger Kit for the SR9C. Thread starter sr45c; Start date Aug 12, 2011; Help Support Ruger Forum: Prev.
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92 Ruger Sr9c Safety Features - myspanishfood
Carefully pull back the slide and then RUGER® SECURITY-9®/SR9® magazine well The ... Firstly, Ruger really went to work on the trigger of the SR9 when they ...
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93 Ruger Sr9 Review 2020
Ruger SR9C Review after 10k Rounds In my opinion this is a great gun The gun seems ... One of the aspects he wrote about is the SR9's trigger-pull weight, ...
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94 Ruger sr9 problems
Oct 06, 2020 · Ruger SR9c Compact 9mm Pistol Review UPDATE 2020: The Ruger SR9c 9mm pistol has had ... check chamber, slide closed, pull trigger, gun clear.
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95 Handbook of Handguns - Page 360 - Google Books Result
Gunblast rated its SR9 example with and trigger pull of 30 N (6.7 lb), and Gunblast rated its ... and not to a change in specs by Ruger between the models.
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96 Ruger Sr22 Trigger Job Kit - Ni Blanco Ni Negro
Custom Ruger 10/22 Trigger Kit for Lighter 10/22 Trigger Pull! ... SR45 Ruger SR-556 Ruger SR-762 Ruger SR9 Trigger Bar Return Spring, Ruger SR22 Pistol.
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97 Shooter's Bible Guide to Concealed Carry, 2nd Edition: A ...
... if you dryfire a striker fire gun like the Ruger SR9 or a Glock the trigger will be “dead,” and you must pull the slide back slightly to recock the gun.
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98 Ruger SR9-C Trigger reset service - Gun and Game Forum
Well yall, I love most things about this SR9-C, the one little problem is that every other mag or so the trigger will not reset.
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