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1 Early political career of Sarah Palin - Wikipedia
Sarah Palin was a member of the City Council of Wasilla, Alaska from 1992 to 1996 and the city's mayor from 1996 to 2002. Wasilla is located 29 miles (47 ...
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2 Sarah Palin | Biography & Facts - Encyclopedia Britannica
Sarah Palin, née Sarah Louise Heath, (born February 11, 1964, Sandpoint, Idaho, U.S.), American politician who served as governor of Alaska ...
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3 Sarah Palin - National Governors Association
Sarah Heath Palin arrived in Alaska with her family in 1964. She graduated from Wasilla High School and has lived in Skagway, Eagle River and Wasilla.
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4 Sarah Palin - Biography - IMDb
Sarah Palin is an American politician and television personality. She was born on February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho, as Sarah Louise Heath, the ...
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5 Sarah Palin - Ballotpedia
Palin was the Republican vice presidential nominee for the 2008 United States presidential election. Palin served two terms on the Wasilla, Alaska, city council ...
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6 Sarah Palin is attempting a comeback in Alaska, but her star ...
The former GOP vice presidential candidate resigned as Alaska governor in 2009. Even around her hometown of Wasilla, many Republicans soured ...
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7 Sarah Palin - Family, Politics & Facts - Biography (Bio.)
Sarah Palin became the first female governor of Alaska, as well as the first woman to earn the Republican Party's vice-presidential ...
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8 Palin still a draw for hometown, Alaska - NBC News
A year after Sarah Palin's abrupt resignation as governor, interest in her and the small Alaska town she put on the map hasn't gone away.
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9 When Sarah Palin Came to Town: The Alaska Experience
Toe was a political cartoonist living and working in Alaska's capital city when a little-known, small-town mayor named Sarah Palin began a run for statewide ...
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10 In Alaska, Sarah Palin's Political Comeback Stirs Debate ...
As Ms. Palin seeks the state's lone House seat in elections on Tuesday, voters appeared torn on whether she remained committed to them or ...
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11 'I Just Think Sarah These Days Is Not a Person to Be ... - Politico
Alaskans are tired of Sarah Palin. In 2022, in the country's wildest congressional race, she could win anyway.
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12 Sarah Palin Has Long Been Ridiculed. I Wanted to Tell a ...
Sarah Palin, the most famous Alaskan of all time, irritates the hell out of journalists. Journalists like availability; Palin hides.
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13 'Sarah Palin Is Wasilla': Town Stands Behind VP Pick
3 days ago —
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14 Visiting the town of Wasilla, Alaska | Avalon Travel
In 2008 the town of Wasilla vaulted into the big time as the home of Alaska's then-governor (and vice presidential candidate), Sarah Palin.
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15 Alaska election tests weight of Sarah Palin's celebrity
More than a decade ago, Palin ascended to international fame as a vice-presidential candidate – but now she faces an uncertain political ...
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16 Sarah Palin puts Alaska town on tourism map
A year after Palin's abrupt resignation as Alaska's governor, interest in her and the small Alaska town she put on the map, Wasilla, ...
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17 How Sarah Palin Works - History | HowStuffWorks
Sarah Palin is a hot commodity on the McCain-Palin ticket: Her youth and conservative ideals have garnered publicity. Learn about Sarah Palin and her ...
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18 Sarah Palin's Last Frontier | The New Yorker
› news › the-political-scene
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19 Palin in Spotlight: 'Average Hockey Mom' Slams Obama's ...
Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, delivers her acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.
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20 Sarah Palin | Infoplease
Name at birth: Sarah Louise HeathSarah Palin, the first female governor of Alaska, was John McCain's running mate in the U.S. presidental elections of 2008.
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21 Sarah Palin: Going rogue in Wasilla - The National
Feature Sarah Palin angered Alaskans by quitting as governor and snubbing them on her recent book tour, but in her home town, the former vice-presidential ...
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22 Curious Alaska: What's Sarah Palin up to these days?
Thirteen years after her sudden rise to notoriety, Sarah Palin is simultaneously the most famous Alaskan and nearly invisible within the ...
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23 Why I'm Glad Sarah Palin Didn't Speak for Women
I spent a few years living in Wasilla, Alaska, when Palin was mayor there, before she became governor of the state. My husband worked in a local church, our ...
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24 Into the wild of Wasilla, Alaska, where Sarah Palin once ruled
Sep 16, 2014 —
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25 Opinion: Sarah Palin lost the battle, but won the war | CNN
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin lost her bid to win a seat in the House, but her political legacy will endure. Palin was a pivotal figure ...
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26 Factbox: Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin - Reuters
Here are some facts about her: -- The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, Palin was the second woman to run for U.S. vice president on ...
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27 Sarah Palin: Biography
"She's not from these parts and she's not from Washington," is how presidential hopeful John McCain introduced his chosen running mate, Sarah Palin at an ...
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28 Town's eBay sale of Sarah Palin's mayoral SUV causes stir
ANCHORAGE, Alaska | An Alaska community's sale on eBay of a vehicle used by former Mayor Sarah Palin has caused a stir in small-town politics.
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29 Mayor Palin: A Rough Record - Videos Index on,8599,1837918,00.html
John McCain was clear about why he picked half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate. "I found someone with an outstanding ...
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30 Mike Dunleavy, Governor of Alaska Homepage

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31 Sarah Palin - Vice Presidential Nominee - John McCain 2008
View Sarah Palin's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Sarah has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on ...
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32 Where is Sarah Palin now? - The US Sun
SARAH Palin served as the 9th governor of Alaska from 2006-2009 and was also the former vice presidential nominee alongside Arizona Senator John McCai.
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33 Blogging About Sarah Palin | International Museum of Women
Women Bloggers around the World Weigh in on Palin's VP Nomination. On August 28, 2008, Senator John McCain's announcement of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as ...
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34 Who Is Todd Palin, Ex-Husband of Former Alaska Governor ...
Todd Palin's father and stepmother reportedly threw a party for the opponent of Sarah Palin, his politician ex-wife. Here's who he is.
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35 Alaska's normally sleepy city of Wasilla, the stomping grounds ...
The Alaskan city of Wasilla, population 7800, is a pretty average place with an average crime rate whose major claim to fame is that Sarah ...
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36 About Sarah Palin: an e-mail from Wasilla - Crosscut
A suburban Anchorage homemaker and activist — who once did battle with the Alaska governor when Palin was mayor — recounts what she knows of ...
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37 We found Sarah Palin's house...couldn't see Russia
Palin, a reality television star who played a maverick vice presidential candidate on television back in 2008, has somewhat faded into social ...
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38 Yes, Sarah Palin Is Running for Congress in Alaska
Apparently hungry for a political comeback, former Alaska governor and failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced late Friday ...
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39 Sarah Palin - latest news, breaking stories and comment
› topic › sarah-palin
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40 Sarah Palin Eats Out in New York City, Spreading COVID
› intelligencer › 2022/01 › sarah-palin...
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41 Sarah Palin's official mayoral SUV listed on eBay
Sarah Palin's Alaska hometown is auctioning an SUV she drove when she was mayor, years before she skyrocketed to fame. The small town of ...
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42 Sarah Palin running against Santa Claus for congressional ...
Sarah Palin got a lot of media attention last week when she announced her candidacy for Alaska's congressional seat.
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43 Facts about Gov. Sarah Palin - Peoria Journal Star
› story › news › 2008/08/29 › fact...
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44 Into the wild of Wasilla, Alaska, where Sarah Palin once ruled
WASILLA, ALASKA — I almost ran into a moose on the way to Sarah Palin's hometown. There I was, headed up the highway out of Anchorage, ...
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45 POLL: Sarah Palin lined up to speak at Town Hall Series
The Town Hall Series is bringing Sarah Palin to Naples.The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate and former governor of Alaska will be ...
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46 Coming to town: Santa Claus eyes same empty House seat as ...
Between May 6 and 9, a 19% plurality of Alaska voters told Alaska Survey Research that they planned to vote for Palin, while software executive ...
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47 Meghan McCain rips 'selfish' Sarah Palin for dining ... - The Hill
Meghan McCain is ripping Sarah Palin as “stupid” and “feckless,” after her father's former running mate was spotted dining at a New York ...
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48 Washington is closer to small-town Main Street than Sarah ...
"I think we need a little bit of reality from Wasilla Main Street there, brought to Washington, D.C."—Sarah Palin to Joe Biden, Oct. 2, ...
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49 Sarah Palin Dined At Multiple Restaurants After Getting COVID
Sarah Palin is not letting COVID-19 stop her from enjoying New York City's culinary offerings. The former Alaska governor returned to Elio's ...
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50 What the Alaska media is saying about Sarah Palin
› USA › Politics › The-Vote
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51 What Is Sarah Palin Building, and What Does It Mean?
› what-sarah-palin-building...
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52 Small-town politicians sound off about Sarah Palin
Republican U.S vice-presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin comes from humble roots. It is a heck of a leap from being a gun-toting hockey ...
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53 Sarah Palin, faith-based mayor |
› ... › Sarah Posner's Articles
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54 Sarah Palin speaks at small-town commencement in ...
REPUBLIC, Wash. -- Former Alaska governor and Republican firebrand Sarah Palin had a gift and a message for graduates at a small-town ...
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55 Santa Claus running against Sarah Palin in Alaska elections
He lives in the real-life Alaskan town of North Pole, where he is a city council member.
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56 Small-town America is home for Sarah Palin
› news › opinion
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57 Sarah Palin - Citizendium
She is the 11th Alaska state governor, was the U.S. Republican Party's vice presidential nominee for the 2008 United States presidential ...
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58 Sarah Palin Wants to Move to DC - Washingtonian
› 2022 › April › 2
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59 Sarah Palin and Taxes - Tax Policy Center
When it comes to taxes, Sarah Palin turns out to be an intriguing mix of Barack Obama and John McCain. Like Obama, she favors a tax rebate ...
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60 John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin to Participate in Town ...
*Please Note: This is a pre-ticketed town hall meeting. WHERE: Center Court Sports Complex 815 Northview Boulevard Waukesha, Wisconsin. John ...
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61 More content - Facebook
› sarahpalin › photos › glad-to...
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62 Sarah Palin - I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like...
"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like..." - Sarah Palin quotes from
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63 The Stunning Transformation Of Sarah Palin - The List
She was born in Idaho, not Ohio. So many of us know the name Sarah Palin. Whether you're a political guru or not, the former governor of Alaska ...
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64 Sarah Palin - APB Speakers
Biography. A history-making woman leader, GOP kingmaker and beloved “Mama Grizzly,” Governor Sarah Palin's maverick personality, spot-on political instincts ...
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65 In the town Sarah Palin made famous, a battle to be mayor
› living › article29018269
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66 Sarah Palin Car For Sale On eBay: No Bidders | World News
The small town of Wasilla in Alaska puts the car used by Sarah Palin during her time as mayor up for sale on eBay.
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67 Sarah Palin Is Coming To Town | KLIF-AM
› 2018/01/09 › sarah-palin-is-co...
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68 The truth about Sarah Palin - The Tufts Daily
Over the past two months, followers of both John McCain and Barack Obama have closely examined the vice presidential candidacy of Sarah ...
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69 Data Points: Sarah Palin's Lobbyist -
As mayor, Palin hired a lobbyist who secured $27 million for the small town of Wasilla, Alaska.
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70 Sarah Palin - Wikiquote
Sarah Louise Heath Palin (born February 11, 1964) is an American politician, commentator, and author who served as the ninth Governor of Alaska, ...
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71 Sarah Palin's Small Town Values | HuffPost Latest News
When Sarah Palin talks about terrorism, she couldn't see it if it was in her own neighborhood. Which it was.
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72 Sarah Palin Net Worth | TheRichest
About Sarah Louise Heath Palin. Sarah Palin is the former governor of Alaska and a candidate for Vice President of the United States on the 2008 Republican ...
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73 A note about Anne Kilkenny's viral e-mail critique of Sarah Palin
› story › special › 2008/09/09 › a-...
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74 Eric Kuhn: Sarah Palin, mayor of Wasilla, at work
Sarah Palin's experience in government is a little thin for someone who might be president...
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75 Sarah Palin's Lake Lucille - YouTube
Anchorage Daily News
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76 Sarah Palin's Home Address in Wasilla Alaska
Sarah Palin's house is located on Nevada Drive in Wasilla, Alaska. Her mailing address is 1140 W Parks Hwy, Wasilla, AK 99654. In the winter you can walk ...
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77 Sarah Palin Is Ridiculous, and She Could Get Elected to ...
› sarah-palin-is-ridiculo...
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78 Sarah Palin: The 'hockey mom' with political stardust - BBC
A profile of the former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who helped unite conservatives around Republican presidential candidate John McCain.
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79 Sarah Palin: Her Early Career | IA Market |
Motivated by concerns that revenue from a new Wasilla sales tax would not be spent wisely, Palin was elected to the city council of Wasilla ...
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80 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Florida Town ...
Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, speaks during a town hall event with Donald Trump, president and chief executive of Trump ...
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81 Sarah Palin: Her Early Career - The Poly Post
By Wikipedia. Motivated by concerns that revenue from a new Wasilla sales tax would not be spent wisely,[32] Palin was elected to the city
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82 McCain Shakes Up Race By Picking Sarah Palin for VP - CNBC
Republican John McCain shook up the presidential race with his surprise choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.
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83 Sarah Palin: Her Early Career - The Daily Illini
council and the rest of her career, Palin has been a registered. Republican. Wasilla city council. Motivated by concerns that revenue from a ...
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84 Sarah Palin Will No Longer Be Coming to a Town Near You
Real Clear Politics reports that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has ended her cross-country bus tour and returned to Alaska: ...
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85 Sarah Palin Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family Life ...
Sarah Palin is an American politician who served as the ninth Governor of Alaska, from 2006 to 2009. This biography of Sarah Palin provides detailed ...
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86 On This Day: Sarah Palin announces resignation -
On July 3, 2009, Sarah Palin announced she was resigning as governor of Alaska with 17 months to go in her term.
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87 Alaska City Where Sarah Palin Was Mayor Crossword Clue
Alaska City Where Sarah Palin Was Mayor Crossword Clue Answers. Find the latest crossword clues from New York Times Crosswords, LA Times Crosswords and many ...
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88 Well, Sarah Palin's Tina Fey Impression Is No Match for ... - GQ
If you needed any confirmation former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was not one of our country's funniest women, you finally have ...
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89 Sarah Palin Leads Alaska U.S. House special primary election
Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and GOP vice president nominee, is currently leading in early results from Saturday's special primary ...
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90 Alaska House Primary: Sarah Palin, Santa Claus Among 48 ...
› news › articles › sarah-p...
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91 Sarah Palin Loses In Special Alaska House Race, But Is Back ...
Topline. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) lost to Democrat Mary Peltola in a special election to fill the state's vacant House seat, Alaska ...
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92 O Sister! Sarah Palin and the parlous politics of poor white trash
The nomination of Sarah Palin, sitting governor of Alaska, to the Republican vice presidential candidacy sent liberal writers from the lofty ...
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93 Sarah Palin's the new Trump in town
› the-last-word › sarah-palins-t...
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