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1 Gun - Wikipedia
A firearm is any type of gun designed to be readily carried and used by an individual. The term is legally defined further in different countries (see Legal ...
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2 America's Complex Relationship With Guns
Americans have broad exposure to guns, whether they personally own one or not. About seven-in-ten say they have fired a gun at some point ...
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3 Gun Safety (for Parents) - Nemours KidsHealth
Guns are in many homes, so they're a very real danger to kids, whether you own one or not. Learn how to talk with your kids about gun safety.
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4 Firearms Module 2 Key Issues: Common firearms types
Most machine guns have the ammunition fed by belts, although some use magazines. Action: Semi-automatic or fully automatic. Figure 7: Machine Gun models. Source ...
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5 What is a Gun? | Guns of New York - NY City Lens
Pistol? Shotgun? Revolver? 1) Let's start small, with pistols. A pistol is defined as “a small firearm designed to be held in one hand ...
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6 Caliber, cartridges, and bump stocks: guns, explained for non ...
As new gun control plans fly, here's a guide to the weapons at the heart of the debate.
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7 Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law ...
› instruments › basic-principles-...
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8 Guns in the Home: Keeping Kids Safe -
Not only that, but 58% of shooting deaths in children and teens are homicides. gun safe, lockbox, trigger lock gun safety. The most effective ...
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9 Transporting Firearms and Ammunition - TSA
You may transport unloaded firearms in a locked hard-sided container as checked baggage only. Declare the firearm and/or ammunition to the airline when ...
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10 Frequently Asked Questions | State of California
Does my permit allow me to carry a concealed handgun while in California? How much is the state fee when purchasing a firearm? Can I sell a gun directly to ...
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11 Gun Control Explained - The New York Times
From 1994 to 2004, federal law also banned the sale of many types of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, but the law expired and has not ...
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12 Gun Threats and Self-Defense Gun Use
› ... › Firearms Research
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13 What are the different types of firearms? | Guns Explained
In this episode of Guns Explained, host Cameron Porter is joined by Stuart Wallin, the owner of Get Some Guns and Ammo, who talks us through ...
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14 Second Amendment | Wex | LII / Legal Information Institute
› Wex › Second Amendment
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15 Most Frequently Asked Firearms Questions and Answers - ATF
11. Do I need a Federal firearms license to make a firearm for my own personal use, provided it is not being made for resale?
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16 Firearms & Tool Mark - NCDOJ
Firearms. The Firearms discipline examines and compares bullets, cartridge cases, and shotgun shells to determine if they were fired from a particular ...
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17 Gun violence: Prediction, prevention, and policy
This report reviews research-based evidence on the causes of gun violence, including homicide, suicide or school shooting. How do mental health and mental ...
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18 Gun Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
The meaning of GUN is a piece of ordnance usually with high muzzle velocity and comparatively flat trajectory. How to use gun in a sentence.
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19 Gun Violence - American Public Health Association
Gun violence is a leading cause of premature death in the U.S. Guns kill more than 38,000 people and cause nearly 85,000 injuries each year.
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20 Guns, identity, and nationhood - Nature
by M Jouet · 2019 · Cited by 8 —
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21 United Against Gun Violence | Brady
Brady is uniting Americans against gun violence. We invite everyone who wants to end our epidemic of gun violence to take action, not sides.
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22 America's challenge for gun control explained in seven charts
Charts explaining some of the key statistics behind gun ownership and attacks linked to guns in the US.
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23 frontline: hot guns: GUN FAQs - PBS
An automatic weapon fires continually until the trigger is released. What is the difference between a pistol and a revolver? Both are handguns. A revolver ...
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Like the rifle and shotgun, cartridge classification for the handgun is stamped on the gun barrel. A handgun fires a single projectile. Because of its short ...
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25 Gun control: How California got tough - CalMatters
A deep dive into why California has enacted more gun control laws than any other state, while gun owners try to find their way out of them.
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26 External ballistics (from gun to target) - FIREARMS TUTORIAL
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27 North Carolina Gun Laws Explained - Manning Law Firm
Want to learn more about the basics of open and concealed carry gun laws in North Carolina? Here is a detailed overview about gun laws in NC.
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Bolt: The locking and cartridge head supporting mechanism of some firearm designs that contains the firing pin, extractor, and sometimes the ejector. Bore: The ...
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29 What makes a gun semi-automatic? Key gun terms explained ...
The House bill is wide reaching: It would raise the minimum age to buy some semi-automatic weapons to 21, strengthen bump stock and “ghost gun” ...
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30 The Biden Administration Cracks Down on Ghost Guns ...
Ensuring that ATF has the leadership it needs to enforce our commonsense gun laws and fight gun crime. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms ...
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31 Why my viral photos of American gun lovers have shocked ...
Today, America celebrates the Fourth of July. America's guns – after Uvalde etc – are part of this country's definition of freedom.
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32 Scholarly Articles on Gun Control: History, Legislation & Activism
Assault weapons are known to be capable of injuring and killing large groups of people in mass shootings. Most Americans support a federal ban on military-style ...
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33 What is a Chemical Weapon? | OPCW
Munitions, devices and other equipment specifically designed to weaponise toxic chemicals also fall under the definition of chemical weapons. A common ...
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34 Former gun industry insider Ryan Busse takes on the ... - NPR
Gunfight author Ryan Busse was once a rising star in the gun industry. But he became disillusioned after Columbine when, he says, the NRA ...
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35 The Most Common Types of Guns Explained - Texas Gun Club
Pistols are so common because they're easy to load and rarely ever jam. They carry a good amount of bullets too, often more than other types of handguns. Rifles.
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36 Chapter 2 - Firearms and Ammunition - Texas Parks and Wildlife
Generally, there are three types of firearms: rifles, shotguns and handguns. The three basic parts of a modern firearm are: action, which loads, fires and ...
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37 Firearm Safety - 10 Rules of Safe Gun Handling - NSSF
The 10 basic rules of firearms safety, safe gun handling and storage from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.
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38 Gun Definition & Meaning -
Gun definition, a weapon consisting of a metal tube, with mechanical attachments, from which projectiles are shot by the force of an explosive; a piece of ...
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39 Types of Guns | Gun Safety Tips, How Guns Work
357 Magnum revolver bullet will not fit in a Glock pistol chambered in .357 SIG. The .22 Short round is primarily meant for pistols, while the .
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40 What Are Ghost Guns, and What Is Biden Trying to Do About ...
Major cities across the U.S. are dealing with increases in gun violence in the wake of the pandemic, pushing some local leaders to petition ...
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41 What is a ghost gun? - CBS News
These untraceable firearms can be made at home with no background check or serial numbers, and officials say they're contributing to a rise ...
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42 Biden's Gun Control Agenda - The Heritage Foundation
Clip: President Biden is calling on Congress to pass what he's calling common sense gun reform. The President says he wants to ban assault weapons, high ...
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43 Beginner's guide to guns - The Prepared
How to buy a gun; Basic ammo terms: bullets, calibers, and clips vs magazines; Bullet sizes (ammunition types and calibers); Types of guns ...
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Part of this strategy includes support for violent crime task forces in Lewiston and Bangor and an aggressive enforcement policy for gun crimes.
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45 rifle | weapon - Encyclopedia Britannica
rifle, firearm with a rifled bore—i.e., having shallow spiral grooves cut inside the barrel to impart a spin to the projectile, thus stabilizing it in ...
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46 Virginia Democrats explain their positions on gun policies
› 2022/06/17 › virgin...
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47 How the Rifle and Handgun Fire -
› pennsylvania › studyGuide
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48 What is the “boyfriend loophole”? - Everytown
Federal law prohibits domestic abusers from having guns, but only if they have been married to, have lived with, or have a child with the ...
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49 A Brief History of Guns in the U.S.
How to explain Americans' astonishing personal arsenal? Start with politics, fear, and marketing.
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50 All About Pistols - Glock
A semi-automatic pistol is a type of handgun that uses a single chamber and barrel. The pistol fires a chambered round, extracts and ejects the empty casing and ...
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51 Should Teachers Carry Guns? The Debate, Explained
The idea of arming teachers—or loosening state restrictions to allow concealed-carry permit holders to bring guns into schools—is often ...
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52 Chekhov's Gun: What It Is and How To Use It | Now Novel
'Chekhov's Gun' is a concept that describes how every element of a story should contribute to the whole. It comes from Anton Chekhov's famous book writing ...
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53 How to Talk to Kids About Guns - Verywell Family
Unfortunately, many parents trust their children to never touch a gun after they've been warned about gun safety. But multiple studies have ...
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54 Understanding Gun Recoil - Engage Virtual Range
A gun's recoil, or kickback, is the backward movement a shooter feels when the bullet is discharged. When a gun exerts a force on a bullet as it's launching it ...
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55 Gun Violence - Amnesty International
More than 500 people die every day because of violence committed with firearms. Anyone can be affected by firearm violence but in certain situations gun ...
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56 How do bullets work? - Explain that Stuff
Contents. How guns fire bullets. What's inside a bullet cartridge? What happens when you fire? How bullets travel; Why bullets ...
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57 Definition of what's an 'assault weapon' is a very contentious ...
Some gun control backers pushing for an assault weapons ban include the AR-15-style rifle used in recent mass shootings. But the firearms ...
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58 Frequently Asked Questions about the Assault Weapons Ban ...
Massachusetts law prohibits sale and possession of Assault Weapons. G.L. c. 140, §§ 128 and 131M. Sale by a business of any weapon that the buyer is not ...
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59 General Requirements for Firearms Registration | mpdc
I. Firearms Eligible for Registration In general, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and handguns may be registered in the District of Columbia.
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60 Gun Violence, Prevention of (Position Paper) - AAFP
Gun violence includes homicide, violent crime, attempted suicide, suicide, and unintentional death and injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control and ...
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61 AR-15 Owners Explain Why They Have Their Guns - ABC News
— -- The Orlando nightclub shooter's use of a legally purchased AR-15-type rifle, which President Barack Obama likened to "weapons of ...
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62 What Is The Second Amendment And How Is It Defined
› what-is-the-second-amendment...
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63 Registration - Giffords
Laws requiring gun owners to register their firearms ensure gun owner accountability and help law enforcement solve crimes and disarm criminals.
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64 11 Facts About Guns -
Educate yourself and learn gun facts. Find out how many guns are privately owned in the US, how many gun-related deaths occur, and what gun control ...
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65 Japanese Gun Control Laws Are Oppressive (From Gun ...
Other than the police and the military, no one in Japan may purchase a handgun or a rifle. Hunters and target shooters may possess shotguns and airguns ...
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66 Origin of the 21-Gun Salute - U.S. Army Center of Military History
The use of gun salutes for military occasions is traced to early warriors who demonstrated their peaceful intentions by placing their weapons in a position ...
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67 Writing 101: What Is Chekhov's Gun? Learn How to Use ...
Though it is regularly confused for a plot device, Chekhov's gun is in fact a tool for writers to understand the use of detail in effective ...
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68 Red Flag Gun Protection Law -
› programs › red-flag-gun-protecti...
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69 Assault Weapons Ban summary - Senator Dianne Feinstein
The legislation bans the sale, transfer, manufacturing and importation of: All semiautomatic rifles that can accept a detachable magazine and have at least one ...
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70 Types of Guns & Firearms - Shooting Range Guide
Below, we have an listing and breakdown of the most popular types of guns: Rifles; Shotguns; Handguns; Revolvers; Pistols; Machine Guns. a person in a library.
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71 Oregon's gun laws explained -
Minors aren't allowed to buy guns in Oregon, but they are allowed to be given one – as long as it's not a handgun – by their parent or guardian ...
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72 Matt Rosendale calls on ATF to explain video of agents asking ...
› news › jul › gop-la...
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73 Weapons - Valorant Wiki - Fandom
Sidearms consists of pistols, whilst primaries include SMGs, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns. Guns have limited amounts of ammo but come with ...
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74 Gun Violence: Facts and Statistics
American children face a substantial risk of exposure to firearm injury and death according to scientific literature. Get more gun violence facts compiled ...
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75 8 charts that explain America's gun culture | CNN Politics
› politics › guns-maps-las-vegas
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76 Guns in America - Time
What hunters, activists, parents, students, politicians, police officers and other Americans say about gun ownership and gun violence in America.
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77 How Machine Guns Work - Science | HowStuffWorks
Machine guns changed the way we wage war. Learn about machine guns, machine gun systems and machine gun loading mechanisms with animations and explanations.
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78 What You Need to Know About Open Carry in America
It's perfectly legal in most states to show up at a protest with a loaded assault-style weapon.
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79 How to Talk to Kids About Gun Violence - Parents
Sadly, deadly and devastating mass shootings continue to dominate the headlines. How can you share the news about gun violence with your kids?
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80 'Ghost gun' loophole closed: New Biden regulation explained.
New 'ghost gun' regulation will treat the do-it-yourself weapons like regular firearms, requiring traceable serial numbers.
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81 What is a rifle? First Time Gun Buyer explains rifles.
Rifles Have Rifled Bores. Rifles are classified as a long gun. They have a rifled bore and they shoot single projectiles. The term "rifling" describes spiraled ...
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82 What is a Glock Switch? How a small device turns handguns ...
Man charged with buying Glock switches, turning pistols into machine guns. It's called a Glock Switch, and as the name would indicate, it ...
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83 The Dickey Amendment on Federal Funding for Research on ...
With public interest in gun issues heightened after a series of notorious mass shootings and widespread student protests, Congress reached a compromise in ...
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84 Survey Research and Self-Defense Gun Use
by D Hemenway · 1997 · Cited by 180 —
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85 How to Explain Guns to a Child - The Armed Citizen
› Gun Safety
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86 Explain Why Guns Should Not Be Allowed In Public Places
Guns should not be allowed in public places as they are violent and do more harm than good. Guns availability contributes to crime and violence. In the...
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87 Domestic Violence and Firearms
Over half of all intimate partner homicides are committed with guns. Indeed, a woman is five times more likely to be murdered when her abuser has access to a ...
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88 NRA Gun Safety Rules | NRA Explore
At the NRA, firearm education and safety is paramount—that's why we offer a variety of programs and services to promote the safe handling, use and storage ...
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89 What Is An NFA Firearm? - Sporting Systems
As you are doing research to determine which firearm is right for you, it's likely that you'll run into NFA firearms. What is an NFA weapon?
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90 Gun Salute
The practice of firing gun salutes was well established by the sixteenth century, although gun salutes had existed for centuries. Later, the number of guns to ...
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91 Governor Pritzker Signs Legislation Banning 'Ghost Guns ...
"The people creating, selling, and purchasing these firearms know that they're working to circumvent common-sense gun laws that ensure guns stay ...
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92 Are Massage Guns Good for You? A PT Explains
Physical therapist Ilyza Weiss explains how to safely incorporate a massage gun into your wellness routine.
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93 Explaining the Gun Debate - National Review
Explaining the Gun Debate. Rally goers carry protest signs during the March for Our Lives Rally in Washington, D.C., March 24, 2018.
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94 What Is Brandishing a Weapon or Pulling a Gun on Someone?
› what-is-brandishin...
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95 Obama on small-town Pa.: Clinging to religion, guns ... - Politico
› blogs › ben-smith › 2008/04
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96 U.S. Gun Policy: Global Comparisons
The debate over U.S. gun laws has raged for decades, often reigniting after high-profile mass shootings. · Gun ownership and gun homicide rates are high in the ...
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97 How Good a Match is It? Putting Statistics into Forensic ...
Capone denied involvement, but an early forensic scientist named Calvin Goddard linked bullets from the crime scene to Tommy guns found at ...
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