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1 AndrewJBateman/backbone-employee-project - GitHub
Tutorial project using the Backbone.js library together with jQuery. Note: to open web links in a new window use: ctrl+click on link. GitHub repo size ...
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2 Backbone.js
Philosophically, Backbone is an attempt to discover the minimal set of data-structuring (models and collections) and user interface (views and URLs) primitives ...
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3 Backbone.js - TodoMVC
Backbone.js gives structure to web applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable ...
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4 backbone examples - CodeSandbox
Learn how to use backbone by viewing and forking example apps that make use of backbone on CodeSandbox. ; Popcorn-Time ; grapesjsFree and Open Source Web Builder ...
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5 Backbone.js for Absolute Beginners - Getting started (Part 1
Let's dive into BackboneJS! And see how this flexible library can bring order to your Javascript! BackboneJS Tutorial series: Backbone.js for ...
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6 Learn Backbone.js Tutorial by Building an App! (1/6) - YouTube
Learn Coding Tutorials
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7 Best Backbone JS Apps. Examples and Overview - 2021
Best Backbone JS Apps examples · Trello · Get free estimation for your web app · Pandora Internet Radio · USA Today · SoundCloud Mobile · WordPress.
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8 10 Web Apps Made with Backbone.js [Case Study] - Hongkiat
10 Web Apps Made with Backbone.js [Case Study] · 1. Trello · 2. Foursquare · 3. Basecamp Calendar · 4. Flowdock · 5. Cocktail Search · 6. Bitbucket · 7 ...
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9 Backbone.js: Getting Started - DZone Web Dev
A tutorial on using the JavaScript library, Backbone.js, ... Actively used open source projects and libraries tag releases very often, ...
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10 Backbone.js First Example - Javatpoint
First Backbone.js Example · <!DOCTYPE html> · <head> · <title>Model Example</title> · <script type="text/javascript"> · var Person = Backbone.Model.extend(); · var ...
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11 Create Simple Application Using Backbone.js - C# Corner
This article provides a simple sample of backbone.js. ... In the Solution Explorer, right-click on the project then select "Add" -> "New ...
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12 The Project Backbone: The Top Uses of the Work Breakdown ...
When planning project scope, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is arguably the most widely known and used tool. It outlines the project ...
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13 Example Project: backbone.js, zepto — Forge
Example Project: backbone.js, zepto¶ · include your JavaScript files in your app · use Backbone.js to present a responsive interface · use a CSS reset · implement ...
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14 Backbone.js Tutorial: Getting Started with Backbone
Technically, Backbone is a library and, because of this, it is highly customizable. Its main goal is to generate modular code, meaning it breaks ...
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15 Marionette.js – The Backbone Framework
Marionette simplifies your Backbone application code with robust views and architecture solutions. Download v4.1.2View Docs. Marionette Features. Layouts.
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16 Integrating React With Backbone - EngineYard
What is this Application , you may ask? Simply put, it's the function we'll use to bootstrap the entire project. Its purpose is to get all of ...
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17 BackBone Tutorial – Part 6: Understanding Backbone.js Views
Now these two approaches provide a lot of flexibility while developing backbone applications. Let us try to look at a simple example to ...
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18 Backbone Template - Microsoft Learn
Create a Backbone Template Project; Walkthrough: Client Code ... For example, in the Navigation view, clicking the "My Account" link shows ...
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19 Full Stack Web Development with Backbone.js [Book] - O'Reilly
Getting Backbone.js via npm , via a content delivery network (CDN) or from the project site; Basic bundling of JavaScript applications with Browserify and ...
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20 Organizing a Backbone Application
Top-level organization of a Backbone project ... Most new programming projects start with the setup of files and directories. As Backbone projects come with no ...
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21 Building a Backbone.js project with Webpack - Ben Hanna
thank you for sharing code and wonderful small example . please share a more webpack sample with backbone js . like multiple Entry Points,.
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22 backbone-fundamentals
Here's an example of a simple Photo model implemented with Backbone.js: ... should you be relying on discussions of MVC to help with your Backbone projects.
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23 Examples - backbonejs - Google Sites
The DocumentCloud workspace is built on Backbone.js, with Documents, Projects,Notes, and Accounts all as Backbone models and collections.
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24 How to use a React Component in a Backbone View - Medium
callback (an optional function to run after the render is complete). Now let's take a look at an example that uses this render method to render ...
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25 Tools for Backbones | UNCG Community Engagement
Backbone. This tool includes example postings for the roles of Executive Director, Project. Coordinator, and Data Consultant; however, the appropriate size ...
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26 Explain the Architecture of Backbone.js - GeeksforGeeks
Explain the Architecture of Backbone.js · HTTP Request: The client application(browser etc.) · Router: The router is used to take the user from ...
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27 Restrict Backbone usage to certain projects - K15t Help Center
If you want to allow only some projects to be synchronized with Backbone Issue Sync, ... In this example, issue synchronization is disabled for all projects ...
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28 How do I use Backbone.js with Require.js (r.js), but resulting in ...
I've created an example to show how it could be done. ... to use RequireJS build profile + r.js in a multi-page project for a deeper answer.
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29 Building Backbone Applications with TypeScript - Atmosera
Here's an example of exporting the Backbone Model object as a class: ... Sorry, right now the project is reserved for attendees at Devscovery – I may have a ...
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30 CloudEdit: A Backbone.js Tutorial with Rails (Part 1) - James Yu
In this tutorial, I'll go over the code for CloudEdit, an example Backbone.js app backed with Rails that outlines some basic patterns that I've ...
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31 List of Free code Backbone.JS -
A Backbone.js based framework for CreateJS canvas projects. ... Example Backbone.js application recreating Github Issues into a single page web application.
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32 Create a Frontend App in Backbone - Cloudoki
For the project, we'll be using a series of popular open source javascript packages: Require.js, jQuery, Backbone.js with Underscore and ...
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33 Backbone.js Tutorials - For Beginners & Advanced Developers
Backbone.js Tutorial - Free Beginner and Advanced Tutorials, Articles, Projects and Source Code for Software Developers, Professionals and Architects.
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34 Backbone Improvements Definition - Law Insider
Examples of Backbone Improvements in a sentence. A 1,235 Backbone Improvement Project: 5-Million Gallon Tank Site(Reference District Report No.
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35 Tract 1 at The Devil's Backbone Project - ID#DB01
This heavily wooded 8.08 acre tract at “The Devil's Backbone Project” ... go smoothly on your first trip (just follow the directions in the tutorial).
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36 Structuring jQuery with Backbone.js - CODE Magazine
Figure 2: This is the sample contact list. ... Once you have Backbone.js' needed files in your project and referenced in your HTML, ...
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37 Backbone.js Group Project
Welcome to our short Backbone.js Tutorial! Today, our goal is to teach you to use Backbone for your simple app in order to create a contact list. Procedure
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38 Backbone.js Stack - Resthub
Bootstrap your project ... You can simply download latest RESThub Backbone.js stack, and extract it at the root of your webapp: ... The Todo RESThub example project ...
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39 WebStorm: Using Backbone.js – IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform)
I have a project that contains a single javascript file (test.js). I've gone into the project's settings (Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> ...
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40 Backbone.js Testing
Apps, suites, and examples for Backbone.js Testing. ... The source code for everything is available from the project's GitHub repository.
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41 Top 8 Most Common Backbone.js Developer Mistakes - Toptal
Something we tend to do when we first begin to learn Backbone.js is to not do things as recommended by Backbone.js. For example, we tend to handle events and ...
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42 ITS Backbone - UW Departments Web Server
upon the Backbone project both to obtain data and for operational support provided by ... without installation of additional loops and is an example of the ...
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43 Backbone.Marionette - Skeleton of a JavaScript Web Application
Be aware: Since this example serves a static web content you may simply load ... Marionette, Handlebars, App, Projects, Project) { Backbone.
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44 Backbone Tutorial: Learn Backbonejs from Scratch - Udemy
A mini project or assignment for you to apply what you've learned. Next we get into the real-world challenges. Once we cover the fundamentals of Backbone, then ...
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45 BackboneJS Tutorial - Tutorialspoint
› backbonejs
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46 What Is Backbone.js? (Definition, Purpose, When to Use)
Backbone.js, a small JavaScript library for organizing ... is a good use case for integrating a library like Backbone.js into your project.
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47 How to answer interview questions about the Amazon ...
The thirteenth Amazon Leadership Principle is “Have Backbone; ... Give me an example of a time you chose to acquiesce to the group even when ...
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48 Backbone Js With Code Examples
Backbone Js With Code Examples ... Good day, folks. In this post, we'll examine how to find a solution to the programming challenge titled Backbone Js. var ...
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49 ITS Backbone Design and Demonstration - WSDot
A sample instantiation, the Backbone project, demonstrates the viability of our unified ITS conceptual framework and shows that such a framework can be.
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50 Introduction to Backbone.js - Java Code Geeks
Backbone also helps us providing necessary advises about code structure in projects. Backbone is most useful when an application uses a ...
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51 Setup a Clean Backbone JS App With Rails - Kevin Sylvestre
A basic introduction on how to setup a new Rails project with ... so use this tutorial as good starting point to develop your own best ...
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52 What is Backbone.js? | How It Works | Skills & Advantages
BackboneJS acts like a backbone for your project and assists to manage your code. It is a free and open source library and which encloses more than 100 ...
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53 Using Backbone.js with Require.js - Greg Franko
Here is an example Backbone View class: ... minifiy) your entire project or single JavaScript files (depending on your preference) using ...
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54 Backbone Organizations: What they do, and why they matter
Backbone work is accomplished working among multiple organizations in a community, rather than between two entities, as might occur in project ...
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55 Developing Backbone.js Applications: Building Better ...
Start with the basics of MVC, SPA, and Backbone, then get your hands dirty building sample applications—a simple Todo list app, a RESTful book library app, ...
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56 Backbone.js And Basic Rails Example - MagmaLabs Blog
Recently, I have been involved in a couple of projects where we use a lot of Backbone.js, and even though I'm still learning, ...
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57 Backbone |
This project is not covered by Drupal's security advisory policy. ... Example module using node listing (promote to front interface?)
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58 Making plans for a hydrogen 'backbone' across Britain
As Britain works toward reaching net zero by 2050, hydrogen is one solution to decarbonising our gas system. Project Union is National ...
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59 Backbone AT Short, Running Shorts with Wide Leg Opening
Running short, relaxed fit, ultra lightweight. With a rear center zip phone pocket and two rear zip storage pockets. Fabric Toray Airtastic. The Backbone AT in ...
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60 Backbone.js With Spring REST API – A Demo
Model.extend A backbone model is more or less similar to a Java class. It will have setters and getters also. After creating a Model we have to ...
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61 Backbone.js - Wikipedia
Backbone.js is a JavaScript rich-client web app framework based on the model–view–controller ... For example, one can use nested views with Backbone Layout Manager or ...
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62 Backbone Examples - StackBlitz
Backbone Examples · Angular (forked) Starter project for Angular apps that exports to the Angular CLI · Angular Okta Configuration Via Http Request Created by: ...
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63 Backbone.js vs React - What To Choose For Your Front-End?
For example, instead of Flux, React developers can choose: ... a command-line interface to quickly set up your React project.
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64 Is there a great example / tutorial of how to use backbone ... There's also the Wiki which lists a few projects that are ...
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65 dev/misc/Backbone_Full.lha - Aminet
Lha is the complete set of programs, examples and games. Backbone_main.Lha is simply the main program files. Backbone_proj.Lha is the example project files.
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66 backbone-http - npm
Examples (JavaScript). var Project = Backbone.Model ...
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67 Top 5 backbone Code Examples - Snyk
Further connect your project with Snyk to gain real-time vulnerability scanning and remediation. Build securely, at scale. ... // borrowed from the Backbone.
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68 Build Android App and IOS App with Backbone and Cordova
In this example, I will use Cordova and backbone to build a cross-platform RSS Reader for both Android and iOS platform. The whole project ...
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69 Beyond the Backbone - The Intersector Project
Examples of backbone organizations in the education sector include StrivePartnership in Cincinnati, Commit! in Dallas, Alignment Nashville, and Partners in ...
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70 How to write a to-do dizmo with backbone.js
Backbone models contain data for an application as well as the logic around this data. For this tutorial, we use a model to represent the ...
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71 Backbone And Kendo UI: A Beautiful Combination - Telerik
Backbone uses the concept of a "View" object to manage and manipulate DOM elements in the browser. There's some debate as to whether Backbone.
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72 What is Backbone.Model? -
We use the syntax Backbone.Model.extend to create a new model class. .extend provides Backbone.Model with relevant properties of instances and class properties ...
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73 12 Resources for developers to Learn Backbone.js
The most important part in any Backbone project is to bind models and collections to views. Models form the backbone of any JavaScript ...
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74 Sustaining the “Backbone” - Impact Cubed
In this case, the long row boat and the coxswain is the backbone. The backbone is the critical infrastructure and leadership in pursuit of ...
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75 What is Backbone JS? - eTatvaSoft
Visit us now and get more info about when to use backbone js, ... example app and a long list of real-world projects that use it.
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76 Integrating with Other Libraries - React
In the example below, the List component renders a Backbone collection, using the Item component to render individual items. class Item extends React.Component ...
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77 Backbone.js And WordPress Resources - Peter R Knight
Backbone takes some getting used to, especially if you only have only used javascript and jquery for lightweight functionality in projects. As I ...
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78 GBIF Backbone Taxonomy
International Barcode of Life project (iBOL) Barcode Index Numbers (BINs) - 562985 names; Systema Dipterorum - 251595 names; World Register of ...
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79 Backbone.js Router Hashing Tutorial - 9Lessons
If you are working with a single page application, then you must adopt backbone.js features and this helps your web project to be more ...
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80 Financial Backbone Replacement (FBR) Project Update
Backbone. Strategy and. Future State ... Brendan Callahan – Projects and Grants, Deloitte ... Example: Procurement, Sourcing, Receiving etc.
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81 Tag: backbone.js - webapplog [tech blog]
js, Backbone and MongoDB. It's a one thing to read through the text and another to follow up with dynamic videos which walk you through the book's projects.
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82 The Central African Backbone project, central pillar of the ...
A notable example was the use of an international tender for the award of a fiber optic infrastructure concession contract to a concessionaire.
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83 An Underexplored Facet of Collective Impact Efforts
A backbone is an entity that functions independently as ... They do not discuss, for example, the broader benefits and ... manage the project.
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84 (USA) Senior Software Engineer - Front-end - Project Backbone
As part of Project Backbone team, the Senior Software Engineer will interact with a ... gathering requested information (for example, design documents, ...
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85 Your First Backbone.js App - Service Chooser - Tutorialzine
It connects your application to your backend via a RESTful JSON interface, and can automatically fetch and save data. In this tutorial we won't ...
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86 Backbone.js - hmil
The project is hosted on GitHub, and the annotated source code is available, as well as an online test suite, an example application, a list of tutorials and a ...
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87 Organizing Your Backbone.js Application With Modules
... and if you've tried to use Backbone.js for a large project you might be ... For example, if your chat client application is called ...
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88 Backbone JS - Hello World tutorial - Veera / Blog
The need for Backbone.js · Model - used to represent your application data. For example, an Employee model. · Collection - used to hold a list of ...
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89 Backbone K12 Backbone Networks
Backbone Radio is the core broadcasting software, and it runs on Mac® OS X ... The following is a preliminary example of an excellent, low-cost setup for ...
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90 The Story of our Progressive Migration from Backbone to Vue.js
We share our insights on our Saas refactoring from Backbone to Vue.js. ... no matter the size and type of project you're working on.
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91 Integrating Raphael.js With Backbone.js - Marmelab
We are going to see this through a simple example: Display a snowman and ... create the Backbone project and include the Raphael.js (link) ...
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92 Hire Backbone.js Developers Remotely - Mobilunity
Backbone JS is a JavaScript-based library that is used for the development of client-side applications, especially the single-page applications SPAs. It is a ...
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93 Blog on Backbone with Underscore Js
... with backbone and underscore js, by creating a simple project. ... For example if a developer has written a script something like this ...
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speedups in sparsify() and all statistical backbone functions; eliminated hyperg() as ... remove davis example data; add examples using synthetic data ...
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95 Backbone, The Primer: Models and Collections
In the above example, we perform some basic actions on our model after ... Greg's current side projects include the Backbone extensions ...
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96 Presenter First in Backbone.js - Atomic Spin
We recently tried this approach on our project in Backbone.js using CoffeeScript. ... Here's a small example of how we use our Presenters:.
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