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1 Error Analysis in the Physical Sciences - University of Toronto
This series of documents and exercises is intended to discuss how an experimentalist in the physical sciences determines the errors in a measurement, i.e. the ...
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2 A Radix-Independent Error Analysis of the Cornea-Harrison-Tang ...
In this article, we provide a rounding error analysis of this method, which unlike previous studies is not restricted to binary floating-point arithmetic ...
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3 Human Error Analysis Harrison | PDF - Scribd
Human error analysis and reliability assessment. Michael Harrison. iri. Purpose of Human Error Assessment. explore difficulties of use early in design with ...
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4 A rounding error analysis of the Cornea-Harrison-Tang method in ...
In radix 2 floating-point arithmetic, Cornea, Harrison, and Tang [4] show that in the absence of underflow and overflow | r − r| O(u)|r| and, ...
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5 ASTR 3130, Majewski [FALL 2021]. Lecture Notes
Error analysis is a required -- and very important -- part of scientific ... From ...
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6 Experimental Errors and Error Analysis
Thus, the expected most probable error in the sum goes up as the square root of the number of measurements. This is exactly the result obtained by combining the ...
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7 A radix-independent error analysis of the Cornea-Harrison ... - CORE
A radix-independent error analysis of the Cornea-Harrison-Tang method. Claude-Pierre Jeannerod∗. Abstract. Assuming floating-point arithmetic with a fused ...
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8 A radix-independent error analysis of the Cornea-Harrison ...
A radix-independent error analysis of the Cornea-Harrison-Tang method ... Abstract : Assuming floating-point arithmetic with a fused multiply-add operation and ...
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9 A rounding error analysis of the Cornea-Harrison-Tang ...
A rounding error analysis of the Cornea-Harrison-Tang method in radix β. Claude-Pierre Jeannerod. To cite this version:.
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10 Aaron Judge Takes Responsibility For Harrison Bader's Costly ...
New York Yankees RF Aaron Judge took responsibility for Harrison Bader dropping a fly ball, a costly error in Game 3 of the ALCS against the ...
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11 Character Analysis of Harrison in Harrison's Slight Error, a ...
In-text citation: (Kibin, 2022). Reference list entry: Kibin. (2022). Character analysis of harrison in harrison's slight error, a story by p. g. wodehouse.
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12 LaCour Harrison III on Twitter: "Basically an qualitative error analysis ...
Basically an qualitative error analysis class, this would be revolutionary in teaching critical thinking. ... to teach a class called “Wrong Answers Only” where ...
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13 as-harrison-TC-Cascade-0307.pdf - IEEE 802
as-harrison-TC-Cascade-0307.pdf 3-Mar-2007. Garner study. Harrison study. Propagation analyzed. Frequency error Phase error. Technique. Fourier analysis ...
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14 Diagnosis: Reducing Errors and Improving Quality | Harrison's ...§ionid=261486991
Read chapter 9 of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 21e online now, ... clinical epidemiology, health services research, decision analysis, ...
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15 Integrating Task-Based Error Analysis With System Specification
Integrating Task-Based Error Analysis with System Specification Bob Fields, Michael Harrison, Peter Wright Abstract The growing use of computer-based ...
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16 Error Analysis: An Introduction - Harvard Canvas
Error refers to the inevitable uncertainty that accompanies any measurement. ... [1] Harrison, David M. Error Analysis in Experimental Physical Science.
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17 Computerized lab test on error analysis: The Physics Teacher
Computerized lab test on error analysis. The Physics Teacher 21, 588 (1983); · David Harrison and John M. Pitre.
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18 A Technique for Human Error Assessment Early in Design
A method to expand functional failure identification and propagation to include human action/error propagation during failure analysis so a designer can ...
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19 The Rich Domain of Uncertainty: Comment | CEAR
estimation procedures that do not worry about sampling errors. ... Department of Risk Management & Insurance and Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk,.
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20 Epidemiology of medical error - PMC - NCBI
A subsequent analysis of the same data found that 69% of injuries were caused by errors. In a study of the quality of Australian health care, ...
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21 Analysis of uncertainty in a salt marsh carbon cycling model
Gary W.Harrison ... A comparison of sensitivity analysis and error analysis based on a stream ecosystem ... Analysis of parameter error in a nonlinear model.
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22 Spacing Out! Manipulating Spatial Features in Mathematical ...
Avery Harrison*, Hannah Smith, Taylyn Hulse, Erin R. Ottmar ... More thorough error analyses at the action level, within problems, could provide insight ...
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23 THEA: Human Error Analysis for Requirements Definition
Bob Fields, Michael Harrison, Peter Wright. Human-Computer Interaction Group ... technique for carrying out a human error analysis during early design.
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24 Registration Error Analysis for Augmented Reality
This paper presents the main results of an end-to-end error analysis of an optical ... Vincent Carrasco, Jerry Cloutier, Jack Goldfeather, David Harrison,.
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25 Error Analysis of Finite-Spectral-Linewidth Illumination in ...
Error Analysis of Finite-Spectral-Linewidth Illumination in Optical Oximetry Systems. In: Kang, K.A., Harrison, D.K., Bruley, D.F. (eds) Oxygen Transport to ...
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26 Getting started with meta‐analysis - Harrison - 2011
Meta-analysis is a powerful and informative tool for basic and ... Errors or omissions made at the planning stage can create weeks of extra ...
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27 Aaron Judge Takes Responsibility For Harrison ... - BVM Sports
Bader dropped the ball, hit with an error, but Judge was at fault, ... Read full story via Sports Illustrated NY Yankees News, Analysis and ...
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28 ERROR ANALYSIS | MIT Kavli Institute
and McNamara, B.J. and Harrison, T. and Owens, A. and Sollee, N. and Stull, J. and Palermiti, M. and Schwartz, R. and Brooks, J. and Vanderspek, R. and Ricker, ...
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29 Quantitative Analysis of Error Injection Covert Channels
& Harrison, W. L. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Quantitative Aspects in Security Assurance (QASA13), 2013. ... Covert channels are mechanisms ...
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30 Floating point veri cation in HOL Light: the exponential function
John Harrison. University of Cambridge. • Introduction ... There have been errors in commercial ... Tang's error analysis translates quite directly into.
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31 Crunching the Numbers: Analysis of Clock B's Performance at ...
This chapter offers an in-depth analysis and examination of measurement ... forgiving treatment of clock error and rate are likely not what Harrison had in ...
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32 Error Analysis in Estimating Temperature-Dependent Thermal ...
The model was run for steel cans (radius 0.027 m and height 0.073 m), using Ecklund-Harrison model CNS thermocouples and C-5 receptacles. A RMSE error of 0.32°C ...
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33 STATE v. HARRISON - FindLaw's Cases and Codes
Harrison, 195 Ariz. 28, 985 P.2d 513 (App.1998). Dissenting, Judge Noyes concluded that remand was unnecessary because a harmless error analysis should be ...
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34 Error propagation | Natural Language Understanding Wiki
Error propagation, cascading errors, compounding errors or accumulation of errors is the tendency of a system to commit more errors once the first error(s) ...
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35 Browsing Department of Computer Science (MU) by Thesis ...
Browsing Department of Computer Science (MU) by Thesis Advisor "Harrison, William" ... Formal analysis of pilot error using agent safety logic .
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36 Michael D. Harrison | IEEE Xplore Author Details
Author Bio: Michael D. Harrison is an emeritus professor and a sen. ... analysis,Java,drugs,emergency services,error analysis,errors,fault trees,fires ...
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37 An Abstract Interpretation Framework for the Round-Off Error ...
for the round-off error analysis of floating-point programs. This frame- work defines a parametric abstract analysis that computes, for each com-.
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38 PHY224H1F/324H1S Notes on Error Analysis References: J ...
Error Analysis, Error Analysis notes on error analysis references: taylor: an introduction to error analysis: the study of uncertainties in physics ...
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39 A Platform-Independent Method for Detecting Errors in ... - PLOS
It can also be used to evaluate the relative fidelity of analyses ... Citation: Keegan KP, Trimble WL, Wilkening J, Wilke A, Harrison T, ...
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40 Michael D. Harrison - DBLP
List of computer science publications by Michael D. Harrison. ... A task centered approach to analysing human error tolerance requirements.
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41 Asia R. Mann, now known as Asia R. Harrison, appellee, v ...
Legislature: Final Orders: Appeal and Error. The Legislature has ... granted Harrison's summary judgment motion and vacated that.
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42 Error Identification and Analysis | Springer Publishing
Harrison, Amy S. Abstract. Accidents happen is a simple statement of truths. Regrettably, in health care, “accidents or errors” affect the ...
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43 Analyses of Harrison v. United States, 392 U.S. 219 - Casetext
As the supreme court notes (¶¶35, 66), the court of appeals proceeded directly to harmless error analysis without Harrison/Anson analysis.
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44 Experiment 1--Measurement, Error, and Graphing - Course Hero
Experiment 1: Measurement, Error, and GraphingBryan WrightLab Partners: Shawn Parmelee, Harrison DemintLab Sections: 023January 15, 2008Abstract:In this ...
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45 Scalable yet Rigorous Floating-Point Error Analysis - NSF PAR
round-off error analysis are a prerequisite to placing important ... [37] J. Harrison, “Floating-Point Verification Using Theorem Proving,” in.
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46 Approximation error analysis in nonlinear state estimation with ...
by JMJ Huttunen · 2007 · Cited by 60 —
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47 Automated Backward Error Analysis for Numerical Code
Error analysis, Conditioning; G.4 [Mathematical Software]: ... analyzing numerical code is to use backward error analysis ... [25] J. Harrison.
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48 CCAP - Case Detail Page
Summary. California Court of Appeal's harmless error analysis violated the ... Although Harrison interpreted federal law, it is also a Fifth Amendment case ...
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49 Harrison v. State | Cases - Westlaw
This Court can only conclude that these errors denied Harrison a fair trial. ... we provide the following analysis as a guide to those faced with similar ...
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50 Human error assessment and reduction technique - Wikipedia
From such analyses measures can then be taken to reduce the likelihood of errors occurring within a system and therefore lead to an improvement in the ...
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51 Forecasting with Measurement Errors in Dynamic Models
This paper explores the effects of measurement error on dynamic forecasting models ... Richard Harrison. Bank of England - Monetary Analysis ...
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52 Common Examiner Scoring Errors on Academic Achievement ...
Within-measure analyses were also conducted to identify particular composites or subtests that might be more prone to error. Among the three measures, the WIAT- ...
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53 Harrison Bryant shows off his athleticism on twisting sideline ...
› video › harrison-bry...
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54 Analysis of Incompleteness Proofs - James R Meyer
The paper An Error in a Computer Verified Proof of Incompleteness by John Harrison deals with an incompleteness proof that is found in a book by ...
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55 HARRISON v. ANDERSON | 300 F. Supp.2d 690 | Judgment
Get free access to the complete judgment in HARRISON v. ... per se, and trial errors, which require a reviewing court to engage in harmless error analysis.
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56 Harrison | MN Compass
› city › minneapolis › harr...
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57 Not Harmless: C.A.A.F.'s Flawed Approach to Plain Error ...
The Evolution of Plain Error and Prejudice Analysis on Appeal ... The Powell decision stated that military plain error analysis is not ... Harrison, No.
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58 348 - The University of Chicago Press: Journals
holtz's doctrines of sensation and error analysis ... Peter Harrison (Editor). The Cambridge Com- ... fascinating analysis, John Hedley Brooke lo-.
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59 Math Mistakes Error Analysis Bulletin Board - Pinterest
Sep 18, 2019 - Math Mistakes are proof that you're trying Error Analysis interactive Bulletin Board colorful middle school secondary.
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60 Type I and II Error Analysis for Product Selection – Dr. David ...
Check out this segment from Dr. David Galligan from the University of Pennsylvania as he takes a look at Type I vs. Type II errors for ...
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61 Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Utility Functions Using Stata
Rutström [2008], Harrison, Lau and Rutström [2007] and Harrison and Rutström [2005][2008], ... errors, for sensitivity analysis in the simulation model).
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Research: Physical-layer security, wiretap coding, error-control coding, ... [8] W. K. Harrison, D. Sarmento, J. P. Vilela, and M. A. C. Gomes, “Analysis of ...
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63 ‪Reema Harrison‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬
Meta-analysis of the reasoned action approach (RAA) to understanding health ... Coping with medical error: a systematic review of papers to assess the ...
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64 Harrison Bader Swing Analysis - YouTube
Patrick Jones Baseball
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65 Harrison Rosenberg - Wisconsin Privacy and Security Group
Research Projects · Faces and Fairness · Theoretical Analysis of Randomized Smoothing · Sample Complexities for Multicalibration Error Convergence.
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66 An Extensive Error Analysis of the TempEval-3 Systems
Keywords: temporal processing, error analysis, written corpora. 1. Introduction ... Clark, P., Murray, W. R., Thompson, J., Harrison, P.,.
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67 A Technique for Human Error Assessment Early in Design
Corporate Author: YORK UNIV (UNITED KINGDOM) DEPT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE. Personal Author(s):. Pocock, Steven · Wright, Peter · Harrison, Michael ...
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68 40604.pdf - Idaho Supreme Court
ANALYSIS. To the extent Harrison intends to raise any claim of error in the district court's determination that his claims could not be ...
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Defendant, Stanley William Harrison, was convicted by a jury of first-degree ... “Harmless error analysis applies to claims concerning.
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70 An Error Analysis of the English Concord of Secondary School ...
by Harrison Inyang. An Error Analysis of the English Concord of Secondary School Students ABSTRACT The English sentence has a fairly strict ...
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71 Gravity-induced errors in airborne inertial navigation - AIAA ARC
Gravity-induced errors in airborne inertial navigation · and · J. Chris Harrison.
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72 Deviations in an L2 multimodal corpus of academic English ...
2008; VOICE 2013). This observation illustrates Hirschmann et al.'s point (2007: 14) that “in learner language, a deviation might be analyzed as an error; in ...
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73 State v. Richard H. Harrison, 2013AP298-CR, petition for review ...
On review of a court of appeals summary disposition; case activity Issue ... render the judgment void, or can the violation be deemed to be harmless error?
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74 State v. Harrison, 360 Wis. 2d 246, 858 N.W.2d 372, 2015 WI 5 ...
Second, harmless error analysis does not apply in the instant case when the circuit court erred by presiding over the defendant's trial, sentencing, ...
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76 CWOP Information for EW7754 (E7754) in Harrison, AR, US
NOTE: If the error above is POSITIVE, then it means that the analysis temperature is HIGHER than the reported temperature. This means that your sensor is ...
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77 Time-Order Errors in Duration Judgment Are Independent of ...
Time-order errors (TOEs) occur when the discriminability between two ... Charlotte Harrison1*, Nicola Binetti1, Isabelle Mareschal2 and Alan ...
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78 Performance Metrics, Error Modeling, and Uncertainty ...
The separation of the errors into systematic and random parts is critical for uncertainty quantification, as random error is an amalgamation of ...
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79 Aaron Woods Harrison | Chapman University
Aaron Harrison, Berkeley Science Review, Spring 2013 issue. 3. Book Review: Heisenberg in the ... instructed students in error analysis and basic statistics.
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80 Harrison County, KY National Compensation Survey ...
Harrison County, KY ... and relative standard errors for all industries, private indus- ... Compensation Data Analysis and Planning, 2 Massachu-.
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81 Matt Harrison - Teaching - Brown University
... classification, error probabilities, Bayesian classification rule, ... Dimensionality reduction (principle components analysis, ...
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82 Yankees star blames himself for teammate's costly error -
Yankees star Aaron Judge took responsibility for disrupting Harrison Bader before Bader's error in center field in Game 3 of the ALCS.
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83 does resisted sprint training acutely enhance sprint
Andrew J. Harrison, Niamh Whelan, Ciaran O'Regan ... the typical error method of analysis with conventional repeated measures ANOVA on data.
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They were; error in time, omission error, insertion error, part of speech error and other errors. The errors happened unconsciously, the EFL student made errors ...
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85 State v. Harrison
ANDERSON, J.: Scott Harrison appeals from his conviction for simple possession ... and good reputation and (2) whether any error can be considered harmless.
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86 Mick Harrison - NIST Errors
In the first appeal, the permit was invalidated by the Administrative Judge on a motion for summary judgment filed by counsel for a co-plaintiff. In the second ...
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87 Error in Patient Care and Clinical Practice James Harrison ...
9 Analysis and Recommendations Death rates suggest medical error is the 8th leading cause of death >Greater than automobile accidents, breast cancer or AIDS ...
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88 On the error of computing ab + cd using Cornea, Harrison and ...
Cornea, Harrison and Tang (Intel FP team) suggested another algorithm in their book Scientific Computing on The Itanium. quick analysis: error “of the order ...
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89 John Harrison | British horologist - Encyclopedia Britannica
4 marine chronometer was found to be in error by only five seconds (1 1/4′ longitude) after a voyage to Jamaica. Although his chronometers all met the standards ...
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90 which to choose for lateral cervical radiographic analysis ...
OBJECTIVES To determine the reliability of the Cobb and Harrison posterior ... the posterior tangent method has a smaller standard error of measurement than ...
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91 harrison center - Upstate Medical University
› pdf › harrison550
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92 Harrison Schultz - Technical Services - Epic | LinkedIn
View Harrison Schultz's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Harrison has 7 jobs ... Experimental Design and Error Analysis.
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93 Harrison-Stevens Forecasting and the Multiprocess Dynamic ...
Forecast Error. types of perturbations and adjust the state probabilities ac- cordingly. The two aspects are brought together ...
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94 Gerald K. Harrison, Believable Normative Error Theory
Normative error theory is thought by some to be unbelievable because they suppose the incompatibility of believing a proposition at the same time as ...
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95 Error analysis of a ruled grating and mechanism optimization ...
Harrison and other scholars used a double-layer workbench structure in a MIT-C grating ruling machine and measured the ruling errors by a single frequency ...
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